Statement of Purpose

This blog is representative of viewpoints that incorporate studied expositions upon the nature of consciousness and reality, of culture and society, of history and the future. The nature of this exploration is incisive and designed to give rise to questions concerning the collective formation of reality and our individual ability to either uphold or transcend normative modalities.

Paradigmatic shifts in understanding are the desired outcome of visitations to this blog and should accompany a renewed curiosity pertaining to the world and our individuated perceptions thereof. Understanding who we are and what we are capable of individually or collectively should bolster all interpretations of meaning associated with these writings, which cover a decade-long timespan.

Agree or disagree, share or keep to yourself, but do not limit yourself to your own internal conceptions of reality. Instead, seek oppositional viewpoints and belief systems, find correlations and points of departure between your perspective and those of individuals who may be different from you but who share your ability to conceptualize and manifest distinct perceptual realities that, combined, co-create this interactive and ever-evolving world that we share.

I take full responsibility for the words shared on these pages, as they represent theoretical but reality-based assumptions that may or may not have any basis in your conception of the world as it was, is or should be.



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