Keep It Moving.

So here it is. It has come to my attention that discrimination is a function of egocentric identification. That your separation from me causes each of us to first see difference, rather than similiarity. As an example, when you look at me, you see a 6’4 American black man, which – if you are not a 6’4 American black man – might awaken all kinds of repressed and/or overt prejudices and dislikes in you, against people of a certain height, nationality, ethnicity or gender. Or, conversely, all kinds of repressed and/or overt desires and lusts for people of a certain height, nationality, ethnicity or gender. Whatever. It’s all good.

So with that sobering observation in mind, I’ve come to a decision. Rather than work to subvert those subjective perceptions by railing against the discriminatory function of egocentricity, I’ve decided to accept it, and you, by moving on – into the Now – and leaving you to your own devices.

This will probably mean very little, or even nothing, to you. You may leer, peer or observe from a distance as you like. Or not. it makes no difference to me, either way. But what is important, considering the gravity of this revelation, is that we keep it moving. That you do what you do, and I do the same, according to the paths that our choices have presented us with, as each new moment arrives. If you choose to approach me, you will be met by a reflection of the same energy that you send to me.

I wish you well. Truly. Leave me to my fate, as i will leave you to yours, no judgement, no blame. Or, as we used to say on the basketball courts: no blood, no foul. If you’d like to check things out around here, my blogs are available. Nothing special. Just words leading to images and ideas, some of which are meaningful to me, some of which may be to you. Or not. So stay up. Do what you do, be who you are. It’s all good.


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