Statement of Purpose

With some few years of Academic training in the areas of Physical and Human geography, a synthetic perspective regarding the world and its current malaise is necessary. Augmenting that Academic training is a creative impulse that has seen expression through the mediums of visual art and creative writing, also cultivated over some few years.

Published numerous times in books, articles, journals and the web across, I have the perspective and the experience to speak on a wide variety of topics and issues of the day. I have hesitated to do so for quite some time now, as I have been honing my experience in other areas, primarily those concerning alternative modes of learning and expression. But, with the dawning of 2012 and the culmination of many seemingly separate threads of an experiential nature, aspects of our shared reality that have heretofore been discussed in isolation will be considered holistically.

I expect¬†dissension. Disagreement. Disbelief. Disregard. That’s fine. It is what it is.

With the vast number of unqualified writers, bloggers and talking heads spouting nonsense in an effort to further confuse the issues, both consciously and unconsciously, clarity is needed.


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