Belief is Overrated

Some things just have to be experienced to be believed.

And there comes a time in your life when you are no longer willing to subjugate your lived experience to the disbelief of the inexperienced.

This is a truism for reality experiences as diverse as racial discrimination, extra-dimensional entities or sexual abuse. But the barren comfort and anonymity of silence is a poor substitute for living your truth. Being who and what you are fully.

Far too many go to their death beds having never lived their truth openly. Fearing consequences. Family censure. Abandonment by friends.

But you must share that UFO sighting. What happened to you when you were 8. You must release the burden of silence. Of holding back your truth from the world. Of being honest.

Each of us is unique. No one ever before or ever again will be you. Your contribution to the infinite variability of oceanic humanity lies in exactly those qualities and experiences you have that you may be unwilling to share. Perhaps because they’re embarrassing. Or unpopular. Or criminal.

They are part of who you are. Comprise a segment of the totality of your essence.

Someone needs to hear about the angel or ghost that you saw that time. The world needs to know about that top secret project you worked on that could save everybody. The demon exorcised from you by that dude your friend knew.

And, as sure as the sun rises in the morning, those who don’t know what you know, won’t believe you. And the ones you thought would disbelieve you and talk about you behind your back, will do exactly that.

“Those People” are not like you and can’t do what you do. Experience the world the way you can. And you know what?

That is ok.

This is how the world is and has been for some time. We deal with it by living in it and prospering in the truth of honest and clear-sighted self-perception. Come by through hard experience. Intense inner examination. Delving past the lies you’ve told yourself to justify hiding your light away from the world and settling for mediocrity.

If people don’t believe you, that is one thing. But if people can’t believe you, that is another thing altogether.

Either way, it’s not your problem. Trust your experience.

Some truths are not for all to know. Or merely believe.



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