Predation and Global Warming


…once upon a time, there were these super-predators.

The super-predators came from a resource-poor environment where only the strongest and most ruthless prospered. Some were so good they became the leaders of their clans.

Being super-predators, they preyed.

Their tribes subjugated other tribes and the super-predators and the predators that worked for them met others like them in other clans. They fought some and allied others, evolving an intricate and involved system of politics and commerce that ritualized forms of predation.

Predatory science evolved irresistible weapons and the entire world became their hunting grounds. The super-predators were skilled at lying and killed without remorse. Their political and economic system was greedy and heartless; psychopathic. Like the super-predators and the predators that worked for them.

The economic system assumed greater collectivity by evolving uber-predatory non-human entities. Who began to devastate the earth seeking to fill an insatiable consumptive drive. Manifesting – at vast scale – the particular traits and dispassion of those who had conceived of them. Completing an evolutionary cycle and beginning the next turn of the spiral.

Predators became super-predators that became clans that became tribes that became states that became corporations.

That subsist on meat. Just like the super-predators that run them. And the uber-predators that rule the earth and subsist upon the red meat of nations. The fat of the world. The gristle of rebellion.

America is #1. At consuming meat in the world. Violence. This film doesnt say that.

But it says a lot more. Check it out.


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