Liberal Backsliding in Drumpf’s America

The President’s personal dysfunction is representative of America’s societal dysfunction. A sick society is best represented by people who mirror that greater sickness and exemplify it.

White supremacy in America has been very, very successful. The compact made in the mid-1600s that pit European-descended folk against the Other has placed all such folk at a much greater economic advantage than red, brown and black folk. Continuing economic stratification favors whites moving into the future and there is no remediation in sight.

American Apartheid is being put in place now. A favored minority that will be economically and socially protected by social mores as well as national laws. Despite the rhetorical railing again these inequities by diverse populations no real, effective opposition is being mounted against these attacks against vaunted Democratic ideals.

Comfort works against real change. Too many are still too comfortable. But even more disturbingly, the population that is going to benefit from the current implementation of racialized policies transcends political party. Economic apartheid benefits white liberals as well as conservatives.

As long as resistance to current policies remains purely rhetorical or otherwise materially ineffective, the draconian measures championed by the current regime will be a fait accompli. I wonder if the rhetoric will remain as affectedly strident or grow even moreso, as the ponderous wheels of economic and political justice swing inexorably rightward in the face of demographic shift.

Will words continue to trump real and sustained action toward a more equitable world? Or does this truly have to be done the hard way.


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