Real Illusions

I am neither blue nor red.

Am not really on the political spectrum between Liberal and Conservative. I do post political articles. Observe media and its personalities. Follow the far-out and weird.

My interest is justice and equity and the fulfillment of human potentiality. Is synthesis and holism in thought and action. Is achieving something that many believe impossible.

Making this nation live up to its credo.

The spirit of its constitution. It is important. Not just for this nation, but for the entire planet.

I am not alone in this space of being. There are many souls currently incarnate and working beyond the strictures of societal approbation and cultural limitation. Some don’t even realize it consciously. They’re just doing what they do naturally.

The choice at this juncture of time and the confluence of many spaces, cultures and paradigms, is one of human slavery by a global minority or human freedom in the face of our inevitable expansion to the stars. A choice between perils and promises as we collectively surf the wave function of the Singularity.

You don’t have to like that these things are our reality, but it is where we are.

All else is distraction. Designed to keep you occupied while these choices are made for you. Made to seem as if they are a fait accompli.

So I’ll post on racial realities when it is subjectively pertinent to those I love. I’ll post on Democrat cooptation and Republican collusion amidst the current regressive political atmosphere and the rise of polarized majority in-fighting in the face inevitable demographic shift. Primarily because these events are benchmarks in the ongoing subjugation of the Global Majority.

That is the real battle. It is not between colors. Not between classes.

That is just the appearance.

The result of the machinations of Principalities, Powers and Rulers in high places. The reality show that engages us while the true fate of oceanic humanity is being determined elsewhere. We play our parts. Fulfill our roles. Mouth our lines in the passion play of real life dramas that engage us from the cradle to the grave.

Until we master our penchant towards distraction. Tribalism. Qualities of being that have been carefully cultivated and inculcated societally to the detriment of all for generations.

We must become free thinkers. Capable of choosing our own destinies. Able to see how that below affects all above. And then act. Individually and then collectively toward our Greatest Good.

That is the expression of true freedom. And worth living for.


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