Pay to Play: The roulette wheel of life

You’ve got to pay to play.

The roulette wheel of life don’t have no free turns. Not for real.

Just like the Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune, perception is key to advancing from one circumstance to another. Determining the cost of each step along the Pathless Path, written in the sky, requires the kind of Nowness heralded by Saints and Sages since time immemorial.

Presence is the ability to align one’s self within the greater Self.

It is the awareness, contemplation and act of Becoming that higher, perceptive orientation of pure Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. The actualization of the Observer faculty that cultivates thereby facilitating the unconscious exudation of qualitative awareness. Others sense this quality of Presence as peace, calm and strength.

Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. Our very entry into the Game of Life comes with a built in debt that we spend a lifetime paying. Each breath inhales microbes that perish from our very act of living. Each step, each foot driven in a car has the potentiality of taking the life of some Being that we are not aware of.

Every thought that becomes a word then action either creates or releases categories of that greater debt. We pay into the debt with acts of compassion and love, we incur greater debt with acts of selfishness and narcissism.

Ase: So let it be!

Ho’oponopono: I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in: I am another yourself.

Namaste: The divine in me bows to the divine in you.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin: All my relations!

Mantras, prayers and affirmations of commitment to humanity, to life itself and to love. A determination to Be, to live consciously in recognition of the fundamental and underlying consciousness which pervades all of existence that some call Mind, Goddess/God, Omniverse, god/goddess, Multiverse, Saint/Guru, Creator/Creatrix, Father/Mother. The reverence given to that which lies beyond egoic consciousness in pure gratitude and humility as recognition of the gift of life and its origin beyond the ken of mortality and intellectual knowing.

This is payment, this is penitence.

This is the debt “Original Sin” originally meant to expound in Christianity that the “grace of the Guru” determines to transcend in eastern traditions. Living in awareness, transcending Maya, the illusory thought processes that threaten ever to obscure the moment and the fleeting encroachment of the ethereal into the material plane, is the return to innocence. Those moments of synchronicity, the entities we “see”, the astral incursions, the emmanences of the air, earth, water and fire that engage us at every opportunity of our greater personal Awakening.

The payment for playing the Game of Life. For taking our turn on the roulette wheel of chance and happenstance. For the opportunity to live in blessed illusion itself, tucked away in materiality from the infinite and eternal all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful supernal existence that is our birthright, our birthplace and our destiny beyond all conception of time and space.

Whether we – in all of our arrogant but limited, stratified and differentiated abilities to perceive and comprehend – choose to affect our return to innocence consciously or unconsciously, all expended effort is toward that end. Every experience leads invariably – albeit not necessarily consciously or simultaneously – to the same point of awareness. That this which we are is all we have ever been and ever will be. That there is no destination. There is no movement. There is no finding, because nothing is lost.

That, at the highest levels of perception, there is no payment because there is no debt. That the reconciliation of polarity requires a higher state of perception but also a recognition that materiality at the level of our experience of it mandates physical laws that bind these bodies but not that which is non-native to this level of consciousness. That speaking of both as if they were the same is the height of folly and ignorance. The conflation of which implies a misapprehension of rarefied, resonant harmonics as they manifest upon the gross, material 3D plane of existence.

We each payed to play and so here we are, stuck in this game of our own design. This conscious co-creation of such sublime beauty, terror, wonder and phantasmic horror. Perfectly imperfect, designed with clues and prizes, traps and tournaments, safe spaces and terrific tossings and turnings of destiny. Our inability to consciously comprehend it all is part of our original choice, which is why we need each other.

Why I need you and you need me. Why I pay you and you pay me.

Why, together, we pay down our debt as levels and levels of consciousness anthropomorphize, descend and ascend from our own, personal perceptive points of temporary consciousness stabilization, endlessly observing our plays, intimately intertwined with us, interacting with us in positive and negative manners. As we become aware of the nature of the game, its perks become clearer and our lives reflect that awareness in increasing status and ability to find the cheat codes, see the hidden prizes, reveal the camouflaged beasties and monsters.

All it takes is commitment. To a path leading to clarity. There are many, and, within those paths, more traps and deviations, more energetic drains and swampy morasses designed to obscure your way. Make a choice, study diligently and play. Pay your debt and help others play their games.

Make your choices, hone your abilities, gather your strength and spin the wheel, prepared to either win or lose, because – in the end, it is all to the good. Always be prepared so that – when your time comes – you can level up and help others do the same. Because we’re all in it together, no matter how it may seem, wherever you might be in the game.

The higher we vibrate, the clearer we see the entire board. We pay, we play and, inevitably, we win!



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