Living Glass lives

Sin is ubiquitous. 
Another way to say it is that imbalance is normative.

We all fall short of the glory. We can all be hypocrites sometimes too, if we’re not mindful. Judging others when we are no better. Just imbalanced differently. 

It feels good, is viscerally satisfactory, to judge. It appeals to the lower chakras, to the human, material self. Brings a sense of false balance to the world around us. 

Allows us to focus outside of ourselves while ignoring what is within us. For a while. Sin, imbalance, has a way of working itself out. Glass houses require rocks like sunshine requires rain and joy must coexist with pain. 

Living glass lives is being clear. No secrets, guile. Opening yourself to the Cosmos. Accepting what comes. Utter clarity achieved following deep, holistic cleansing of the psyche. 

Be mindful of thoughts and words and actions will follow. Compassion and moderation connect us to our fellow humans and, in these days of extreme, global dysfunction, every conscious thought, speech and act is momentous and can potentially shift the world in a more positive direction. 


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