Alt Future, Not So Far Away

A lot of people are still really resistant to the fact that the world is changing.
That reality is shifting. And because they have kept their heads as buried in the sands of orthodoxy as they could, they do not recognize that the “alternative facts” world of the Trumpers is irrefutable proof of that.

You do not really know who Bannon is until you dive deep into the perspective and worldview they call the Alt Right. Which used to just be the Alt Community and, really, still is. Bannon is only an outlier, although his connections in that world go deep and include many that are far beyond the pale. Using the term “Alt Right” actually keeps people from exploring it deeply because they assume they know what it is. 

They don’t. 

It is a world of Whistleblowers, ex-military and Alphabet Agency Patriots. Of Milabs, Monarchs, alien-human hybrids, Walk-ins and Organic Portals. Of multi-generational possession, Dragon families, Rothschild and many other in-fighting, Illuminati cabals. 

It is a world of genocide and cataclysm, of the Eloheem Anunnaki, alien deities and the Rainbow Tribe. Of Star People, inner-earth Agartha, luminous, ethereal beings and the intelligent descendants of the dinosaurs living within the planet, alongside the Sidhe, Fir Bolg and demonic entities beyond conception. 

People still believe all of this is fringe stuff. They believe the MSM exhortations that this is all fake news. Alternative facts. They prefer the comfort of thinking, ok, maybe the media gets some things wrong, maybe they even get them wrong deliberately but if so, it must be for our own good, right? 

From white nationalism to supremacy, from neo-Nazis to Birthers. Drumpf to Marine Le Pen, Greece to Sweden, Portugal to Russia. Jewish conspiracies, Christian Identity, Adamic, alien destinies lead directly to eugenic purity. From the genetic manipulation of antebellum plantations to the genetic experiment currently being lives by millions of humans around the planet. Super-science, ancient mysticism, all of it melding into something quintessentially New Age in nature.

Because they’ve seen television shows and movies about out-of-this world realities, super-soldiers, multiple worlds, timelines and dimensions, advanced technology and magic, they assume such scenarios can’t be real. And, certainly, a substantial percentage of them are not. 

I hate to be the one to put it out there so directly, but guess what? 

There are absolute (T) and relative (t) truths that have been hidden from the majority of the human family for a long, long time. Hidden so deeply beneath the thin veneer of mundane knowledge that to even consider them aloud was worth a trip to your local mental health professional, back in the day. 

And now those truths – in addition to misdirections, more fables and lies – are as near mainstream consumption as they’ve ever been. And people are still trying to dismiss it all as poppycock. Despite the many witnesses. Despite the apparent proofs. Despite the admissions, the discoveries, soft disclosure, the revelations of science and true history uncovered.

The world will continue to shift. Truths will continue to come to the light. Bannon and the Alt Right are harbingers of things to come.

Or rather, things that have always been here and are not going away but, instead, are going to come closer and closer until they are right out there in front of our collective faces and as irrefutable as the sun rising in the east.

And a lot of people are gonna be really surprised.


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