Alternative Facts, White Supremacy and Bubbles of Reality

Alternative facts. 

This particular bubble of reality has been building for a long time. 

Maybe it began with the coming of the Book and the universalization process that began soon after.

Perhaps with the interpretation of the story of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. Cain being marked by God and sent out among the so-called pre-Adamics in the land of Nod. 

Or maybe it was Noah and his sons, one of whom saw him naked and drunk, Ham, who was thereafter cursed in his appearance, the particulars of which were defined according to the preferred interpretation of European society. 

Maybe it began in 325AD, at the Council of Nicea when Constantine and the Patriarchs decided that God was without, firmly ensconced in Heaven above and rejected the Gnostic understanding – by way of the mystic and heretic, Origen – that God was within. 

It could have been when Columbus landed in the West Indies, on the isle of Hispaniola and decided that God and King gave him the right to destroy, pillage, rape and abuse by virtue of unlimited privilege and illimitable hubris. 

It is probable that it took the African slave trade and the genocide of millions of native Americans. That it was the historic and combined effect of centuries of dehumanization culminating in the 1600s; the planned obsolescence of indentured servitude in favor of race-based slavery. 

Perhaps this is where alternative facts became the chosen and preferred modality of interpreting experience for a specific segment of society. The favored way of perceiving status and position in society and the world. Maybe it was here, at this time, that we began to see the building of a myth that became a particularly virulent form of reality. 

It’s quite possible that the Ages of Enlightenment and Reason, the coalescence of the scientific method skewed by perceptive mental and spiritual superiority, augmented racialism, gave heft and weight to previously colloquial and societal understandings. The Chosen of God, the white race of Adamics, for whom the Book was designed as a tool to assist them in the rulership and stewardship of the planet, in all of its abundance. 

The particularization of spirituality. The racialization of perception. The codification of supremacy. Become inherent, subsumed, unconscious, across the breadth of time. Potentially genetically encoded through epigenetics, inequality brutality enforced and degradation meted out liberally; dehumanization and psychosis internalized and passed down unto succedent generations.  

Alternative facts become reality. Reality become localized to a particular time and place, the land that would become America, that has been expanded to encompass the entire world. 

By media and music, by ambassadors of privilege and power, inequity and debasement has spread from country to country. Nations far removed from the North now unconsciously and consciously support the world system of Eurocentric dominance. Serve as vassal states, as providers of raw materials and goods, as well as genetic materials in the form of human generations and biota.  

Separation. Segregation. The scientific method and a particular way of thinking about and viewing reality.

Compartmentalization, in the Academy, in the corporations, in art. Modernist, Structuralist philosophies, evolved into Postmodernism, Poststructuralism and other Isms. What was separate, now become whole again. Holism, the decodification of the metanarrative and the revelation of particularism where universalism was presupposed.

Perhaps this is why alternative facts are necessary for some populations, here and now. As protection. From the loss of most favored status. As a rejection of a greater, more inclusive reality. As a refutation of spiritual equality with the rest of the human family.

Bubbles of reality are dangerous. For those within them as well as those without. Especially when those within the bubbles are fearful and own all of the weapons in the world.


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