Global Predictive Gaming and the Death of Multiculturalism

Let’s play a game. Of predictive visualization. 

There are many here who are awake, so it should be fun.

Perhaps for the first time since November the 9th, 2016, I’m beginning to believe there is a chance. 

Not to save this system as is. Hellz no. It’s done, stick a fork in it. 

Time to carve it up, divvy it among the American family and chow down. 

Canada will gain the upper, northern states by default, Quebec and Nunavut will split off. Cascadia and Columbia will coalesce in the West. The Texas Republic will extend across the entire Southwest and go to war with Mexico, which will also fracture along geographic and cultural fault-lines, probably north/south in nature. The Blacklands will encompass the Deep South and the Eastern battlefields will probably divide themselves up into fractious, competing fiefdoms of power-mongering New Englanders and boisterous Megalopolis Mayors who will demand agricultural tribute from their poor country cousins. 

Sounds wild, right? 

All it’s gonna take is one good terrorist attack to rip this nation apart at the seams. 

Those who are awake have no offense against the depredations of Deep State actors. Our best offense is also our best defense. Truth and moral certitude, which is the power of resonance, empathy and creation. We ain’t gun and killing folk so that’s out. We have substantial numbers. But they have many guns. And psycho and sociopaths more than willing to use them. 

The Awakened have compassion and soul, while the fascists have money, power and the desire to do harm to the world and those they hate.

Soul folk can’t match that. And shouldn’t.  

So what is it gonna take? Can we change the system by infiltrating it and working within it to return the system to viability?


Because it was NEVER viable for all Americans. There can be no return to something that never existed. 

So with that in mind, as we are out here protesting and marching and attempting to influence local and national politics, what we’re REALLY trying to do is to create a new system. 

One that, again, has never existed before. 

One that promises equality and freedom to all. One that is typified by a benevolent and overarching government that implements the technology at its control to educate, monitor and guide the population. To provide high and sustainable standards of living for all upon and within the planet. Protecting minorities from majorities – and vice versa – as well as guaranteeing equitable income and outcomes for all citizens. 

A scary vision to many of course, but one best exemplified by the Star Trek Federation universe. One World Government and a solar system united to conquer the stars. 

I’m sure if we go the route I explicated above – devolve into regional states after being invaded by China for our amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty – we could become a colonial outpost again, subservient to their technological and cultural might. By that point the Chinese, who are now sending thousands of their people to Africa where they will intermarry and live, will have engaged the African continent and built lasting infrastructure and intrinsic and sustainable wealth accumulation upon the continent in a way the West did not. They will then reap the cultural benefits of that relationship. The process will then become a true partnership. 

The BRIC nations will expand to encompass the multitude of small, melanated nations. The IMF, World Bank, the Fed and other Central Banks will fail and collapse as a new, eastern-oriented world order arises. Africa, India, Brazil and China united could lead the world into an egalitarian future where everyone doesn’t have to be purposefully genocided through nefariously overt and covert means, right? 

If the European states who are voting in elections this year all decide to turn extreme-Right and White Nationalist-controlled and led – as America has – and the awakened multicultural masses throughout the Western societies DO NOT rise up in effective refutation, a splintered world divided white from the rest will be the result. 

That means endless war, predatory capitalism, the West using most of the world’s resources as is the case now and it will be merely a continuation of all that has come before but even worse as climate shift intensifies and the world-ocean continues to rise.

And Farrakhan and others looking at the current fear-based propaganda and wagon-circling and predicting it’s inevitable outcome will have been right. As will the many prophecies from around the world foreseeing the current Age ending in nuclear or solar flames. 

Drumpf has his finger on the red button. He’s got the Codes and probably recites them every night like a prayer before bed. Rather than see the melanated world succeeding and challenging the West for hegemony and a truly multi-polar world, I think he would push it.

Am I wrong? 

Ok, extreme scenarios contemplated, visualized, discussed. Here is where we REALLY are:

There IS a chance for love. For networks of the compassionate to make a way locally and regionally. There IS a chance the system can be reformed IF the political will is present. The energy animating the many protests currently MUST become political action. You MUST act locally. We MUST act nationally. Sooner rather than later. 

If this white Nationalist movement in the European nations has a chance to divide the world overtly – and without even the semblance of potential equity amongst disparate human ethnicities being present – and declare racial hegemony based only upon potentially superior weaponry and the threat of nuclear destruction, their nations will implode and descend into jackbooted, fascistic chaos. 

And who wants that.

Alright. Did we have fun? Good. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming. 

Thank you for your time.


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