Potentialities of Beingness

We are all works in progress. We are never done. 

There will never arrive in our lives a day, a moment where we look around at the state of things and say to ourselves, this is it. I am perfect. The job of me is complete.

I think, perhaps, that is part of the point. There is always something new to learn. A different kind of person to be. A purer expression of our deepest essential selves, bringing into the light of creation all that we were meant to be, all that we, and only we – in all of the nigh 8 billion potentialities of beingness currently incarnate upon this earth – can be. 

There is no one to compare ourselves to. No other person’s journey is the same as ours. Only we think what we think when we think it why we think so. Only we provide to our family and friends the interactive experience we do. Only I am me and only you are you.

Obvious, perhaps, but worth thinking about every now and again. I am precious. You are precious. Together, we are precious and prescient expressions of infinite creation given voice, a face, a heart, a life that we choose in each instant how it shall progress and evolve. What do you choose today? 

Who do you choose to be? How do you choose to interact with those you love and those you only know to greater and lesser degrees? 

Like a butterfly flitting through Amazonian rainforests, its wings’ permutations shifting air currents to perhaps contribute to a mid-Atlantic storm someday the chaos of creation has no first cause, we are all effects of each other’s passage through time going back through the ages to some inscrutable and unknown origin beyond space and time. In this space, in this time, we are sovereign and built for happiness, joy, delight, exuberance, laughter and love. 

But we too often settle for fear, agony, pain, suffering, dismay and depression. All experience is movement. Denial of the light is growth just as acceptance of it is, albeit in an oppositional direction. 

Light is expansion, ethereal, airy, higher frequency resonation to love. It’s opposite is contraction, density, material, lower frequency resonation to the denial of love. Not hate, as love has no opposition, being all-encompassing, electromagnetic and gravitational in scope. Hate is merely a point on the scale of attraction, repulsion that can shift, released, in any moment, to love. 

Observing our personal progress toward a clearer expression of love is pinpointing the places within us where there are snags, where emotions coalesce around thoughts that become cyclical, brooding golems spiraling down into negative, lumbering manifestations of words and actions. Determining the origins of those painful associations and working through them, integrating their lessons and becoming a more complete expression of you. 

Incomplete. Imperfect. Completely and perfectly so.


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