Psy, UFOs, CIA Datadumps and the World As It Really Is

What do you do when you’re 8 and things are happening to you that you find out years later aren’t happening to everybody else? 

Most people come to the paranormal out of curiosity. They’ve read books, seen movies and tv shows, heard stories. The titillation of the unknown. 

But some of us do it the other way around. 

We come from the known. From experience. From knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt to theory and supposition, stories, myths, spirituality and religion. 

Things happened to us that woke us up really early in life. 

To look behind the curtain when you don’t know there is a curtain, when all you’ve been told is Heaven and Hell, God above and Jesus, it’s kind of incomprehensible and – at the time – unspeakable. You don’t have the language as a child. But you build conceptual space and imaginative faculties. Learn some of the powers of your mind, soul and spirit.

You experience. Process. Struggle. Deal with the day to day. Being strange. 

Then when you can, you explore. In all directions, seeking the questions to your answers; what happened, why did it happen, has it happened to others before?  

In this nation, and across the West, there is a reality that many have lived that is not only in the shadows of government and corporate facilities, but is also active in the everyday world as well as on the highest and most public stages. Milabs, Monarchs, Remote Viewing, OOBEs. To those who know and are experiencers …

The CIA has recently added millions of files of ostensibly “new” information to a searchable, online database pertaining to paranormal studies and UFOs. To many, the articles therein are old news. But for many others, the database will contain nigh unbelievable revelations. 

Whether this data dump has to do with the curious relationship the Alphabet Agencies  currently enjoy with the President and his Administration is yet to be seen. At the very least, it is very interesting timing. 



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