The Clowniferous Distraction

As much as people want to blame Trump and state on social media how embarrassed and upset they are, it is not Trump who is the problem. As much as people want to sign petitions, listen to people speak and march in the streets against him, it is not Trump who needs to be dealt with. 
Trump is only a symptom of something deeper and more intrinsic to the American character. And everybody reading this knows what that is. 

So even now, as we demonize the Clown Prince and those he has surrounded himself with, the real issue remains one that few are willing to touch directly and in a way that results in immediate and fundamental change. While we are dealing with the result of our election process at the national and global level, the underlying problem remains. 

As usual – and perhaps it is human nature – folks want to address the symptom of the problem, which in this case is the POTUS, and not the underlying problem itself. 

And while the nation’s response to this affront against the sensibilities of what seems to be a significant proportion of the electorate is somewhat satisfying, his most fervent supporters continue to support his actions if not his words, while many who oppose him continue to preach moderation and mediation rather than outright rejection and replacement. 

And if he is replaced? What will change? Will Pence be better? Will the system change? Will the meek inherit the earth? 

Or will the dogs of war continue to rend the flesh of the innocent without cease? Will the rich continue to accumulate wealth while the poor continue to accrue bottomless debt? 

This nation has had the potential to be something great since its inception and for certain populations, it has been great in deed. Given land and opportunity, countless millions of European immigrants made a new life for themselves and changed the stars for their descendants. 

Immigrants from the East, supported by distant kinship networks, were also able to do so. Since the end of race-based slavery and direct, aboriginal genocide, millions of black and red Americans have achieved somewhat higher destinies while many, many others have not and remain mired in hopelessness, indirect genocidal tactics and institutional oppression.

But the structural formulation of this nation’s justice system and the world’s economic system continue to favor the rapine and soulless over those they consider their natural prey. As a result, methods of mind control and consumptive satiation have reached expert levels of expression, pitting those whose cause lies together against each other like gladiators in a bloody pit. 

The perfection of the Union remains urgent and ongoing and countering the current Administration’s aims, orders and policies is mandatory. But in doing so, it is just as important not to lose sight of the deeper issue and the culpability of all Americans in working toward a remediation of America’s Original Sins. 

It will only be by reconciling the past that the future can be something other than the descent toward Hell on Earth it currently resembles. Only by seeking the highest outcomes for ALL who call themselves Americans can we overcome the tendencies toward tribalism and isolationism that seem so “great” in retrospect to so many. 

Trump will not change the character of America unless draconian and genocidal efforts are mounted. That unthinkable outcome remains so. But just barely. Now is the time to act, locally, on ones families and friendship circles and then, on ones towns and cities and states. 

Change must come from within before it manifests without. We are at a point in our shared American journey where such a foundational shift must occur. But the symptoms can only be alleviated by treating the historically undeniable, terrible and terrific, xenophobic and murderous sickness within. 

Yeh I said it.


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