The Great Delusion

The resistance against Trump is massive and will only get larger as he continues to be who he is while living in public housing that we pay for. I see those who support him out there in Commentland and I wonder how they are able to keep up the Great Delusion given all of the changes he is already making that go against their general best interests. 

For those who voted for him who are not consciously supportive of Fascism or Racism it is going to be increasingly hard for them to go along with his agenda as America coalesces against this attack on the fundamental principles that this country – historically rhetorically but increasingly materially – stands for as a diverse and cosmopolitan body. 
These are the friends you should be targeting with articles and memes that reveal all of the assaults he and his administration are making against the government and the people. The friends who are Republican but still say he is “not my President”. 

The Great Delusion has already weakened for many. Their life experience has shown them the Truth. White supremacy and nationalism is not necessary. We cannot and should not go back. Black, brown, red and yellow people do not want to kill all white people or punish them for the past. The people of our diverse nation can get along. Our nation’s greatness is born of the strength that polyethnic makeup has instilled in our culture and society. 

It has only been a few days still. There is much, much more to come. The normalization process is under way but it must be combated fiercely by all of good conscious and universal compassion. Each one of us has the potentiality to affect another. Just one friend. Or two. 

The numbers will add up to a forceful rejection of tyranny if we all do our part and speak our truth. 

They Live, but the Time is forever Now.


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