What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me …

For some reason, when people think of Love, they associate this state of being with weakness. 

I suppose it has to do with relationships and how they often go awry. Jealousy, lack of commitment, emotional vampirism, petty vengeance and the interplay of the psychopath/empath, Love/hate dichotomous experience. These are just some of the negatives that so many experience and associate – falsely – thereafter, with the word. 

But Love is more than that. More than an emotion. Love is a force of Creation. Love is gravity. Love is electricity. Love is magnetism. Love is attraction. Love is connection. Love is quantum and classical, it is symmetry, it is equilibrium, it is the force of Universal Law. 

Love has its positive and negative poles. Tough love and lenient love. In the Here and Now, tough love is tasking our entire human family with the responsibility inherent in the concept of brotherly and sisterly love. We are equally singular individuals, yet we are collectively a unit that has more in common than not. In the Here and Now, lenient love is forgiving individuals for collective sins and collectives for individual sins. Not holding people responsible for realities beyond their ability to affect singularly, but for their own words and actions. Being present, sharing information, being tolerant of innocent ignorance and striving toward mutual understanding.

It seems that some in the human family do not experience Love in the same way as others. This judging by their agendas, by their actions, by their words. By their ability to cultivate and proselytize illusionary realities and guilty ignorance. For those who seem to hold themselves outside of the realm of shared, universal love, there is a form of Love that can return them to the fold in a purposeful and willful manner. 

That Love is the promise of resistance. Resistance to ideas, to agendas, to words, to actions that seek to break the bonds of sisterhood, to shake and rattle the chains of slavery, to undermine the inhuman, consumptive drive of corporate greed and the accretion of power at higher and higher levels of aggregation.

When we think of Love, we must think of it universally as well as personally. As a force of Creation and yes, even and also, Destruction. A reordering of the disordered, a balancing of scales tilted in favor of certain populations, an opening of gates soldered shut. 

When you think of Love, you should know it is strength. And weakness. Water. And rock. Heaven. And earth. 

God is Love and Love, is God.



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