What Must Be Known About The Great Experiment, Right Here And Now

Ever since this country’s inception, conflict – both internal and external – has typified its national expression. As an exemplar of the political form Representative Democracy, this Great American Experiment has represented a primarily rhetorical, moral standard that has been consistently undermined by its rapine consumption of human capital and the world’s natural resources. 

As a result of these failures and successes, the United States embodies both the best and the worst of human nature and societal expression. As the Perfection of the Union is evolutionary, this is exactly how it should be. 

The future cannot be known exactly but what can be said is that complicity with immoral and inhuman laws and methods is not in the ethical DNA of a substantial proportion of the diverse American polity. And this number has been growing for decades. The traditional struggles of black, brown, yellow and red populations in the areas of tolerance, economic, social and legal parity have been refracted through the experience of a substantial proportion of the majority population. 

This has shifted the balance of power somewhat but, as the author Frank Herbert expressed so ably in his Dune Chronicles, Fear is the Mindkiller. It thrives during difficult economic times amidst shifting geographic realities. 

There have always been those who have stood up to injustice. Now, that number is greater than it has ever been. Whether it will be enough to overcome intrinsic tribal and ethnic prejudices and xenophobia then break up implicit patterns of privilege, psychological and physical violence is yet to be seen.

What should be understood by all who support the current political regime and its agenda is that the nation cannot regress beyond certain moral benchmarks. That the might of the American polity would be tested beyond anything that has heretofore been seen if these limits are reached. That those who have traditionally been designated minority – and as sub-groups barely tolerated by the majority – have percolated experientially to the point of Group Realization. Certain levels of economic enslavement and social marginalization can no longer be experienced without dramatic and violent repercussions.

For Allied populations of all persuasions, what that means is that support, solidarity and presence in coming years is expected if collective struggle for  parity and perceptual equality is to succeed and this nation is to truly represent its broadest and most most inclusive interpretations of diversity. The “Silent Majority” must not fall prey to the xenophobic group-think and mass suppression of independent thought and out-group solidarity that has typified its mob-behavior in the past. 

There is currently a global coalescence of movement politics, technological advancement and ethnic intermixture in the Western nations the likes of which has never been seen before. All possible efforts to broaden extant coalitions must be acted upon. Diversity and inclusion are the invariable expression of vibrant cosmopolitan societies able to resist  intolerance at critical junctures of their evolutionary process. 

The psychology of exclusion and privilege is well known. As are the associated mental and emotional characteristics. Appealing to the better Angels of those who worship Demons is a losing proposition and always has been. Detente is the cosmic panacea of transformation. 

Periods of equanimity at micro and macro scales bookend violent sociological epochs. 

The comprehensive and holistic evolution of society now demands a different ecological response as humanity tests the Earth’s capacity to sustain the species. Contemplating a successful and collective response to the world’s human and environmental travails requires a level of unanimity among diverse populations that has never existed before. 

Either that, or experience dystopian and anarchic visions of apocalyptic terror. Distilling human violence through higher forms of societal expression continues to suppress lower urges in the majority. State-sanctioned violence filters and diffuses these tendencies with panoplies of impotent panoptic voyeurism. Opioid technological extravaganzas dazzle. 

At this key juncture in time, in these United States of America, a choice must be made by every citizen. To toe the corporate line and be the Strawman or seek Natural Rights and true Freedom. 

The former requires a certain moral turpitude while the latter demands moral certainty. 

While all generalizations contain exceptions the invocation of petty argumentation and illogical linguistic deflection contributes to obfuscation. There is clarity in compassion. Empathy possesses a frequency resonation that encompasses a specific range of bodily sensations. Unfamiliarity with said expression denotes one’s ability – or inability – to descend through narcissistic and egoistic rhetorical layers of mental impressionability to a deeper and more egalitarian expression of shared human experience. 

The Grest Experiment.

Feel the Truth. Become the Truth. Live the Truth. It is this nation’s original and highest aspiration. The Shining City on a Hill. 

A bequeathment to posterity and unbound human potentiality. 


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