New Earth Ruminations on Tribal Ways and Rainbow Days

Since time immemorial humans have been tribal. From the days of the hunter gatherers roaming the African savannas 10s of thousands of years ago we have cloven unto kith and kin. 

Diversity has always been a part of the human experience. When Homo Sapiens first exited Africa they found Neanderthals, Denisovans and other, unknown hominids already inhabiting the landscapes they entered. Perhaps they loved, they certainly propagated and contributed to the diversity of the world’s peoples that we experience today.

With the onset of the Agricultural Revolution 10000 years ago humans began to gather in groups larger than the familial. 5000 years later with the dawn of urbanization diversity and interactions with different class strata saw the evolution of human culture powered by the dynamics of the cityscape. 

While the hinterlands in different regions of the world remained tribal and relatively homogeneous in ethnic composition, the cities have always been different. In the cities, diversity is celebrated. 

Despite conflict between ethnic enclaves, the transition zones represent areas of interaction and coalescence, where burgeoning sub-cultures form and evolve. 

From these urban agglomerations of dynamic and inherent transformation, cultural shifts diffuse outwards into the suburbs, exurbs and the hinterlands. 

Kindred spirits migrate into the cities then return home carrying innovations and attitudes they communicate in turn to their friends and families. It is thusly that societies shift, over time. 

The disconnect that we are currently experiencing does not change this reality. 

The cognitive dissonance affecting so many can only be denied and held off for so long. In the face of shifting and evolving political, economic and social realities, the fear of difference, of remorseless change, can be overwhelming. 

It is this fear that is so dangerous and always has been. Those who want things to stay the same versus those who know that everything must change. 

It is the nature of the world. Of existence itself. Life proceeds in cyclic fashion as the planets circle the sun and the solar system circumambulates the galactic center. It proceeds also in a spiraling fashion as geologic and life cycles complete and begin again at higher iterations of occurrence. 

Around and around we go, circling higher around some physiographic, mental and spiritual centrifuge, experiencing the poles of existence across space and through time. At certain points along this scale cultural and spiritual centers coalesce and Prophecy becomes manifest. 

Rainbow tribes are born to inherit the earth and create a new way of being that supplants the old ways. A new way of seeing that overcomes the old ways. A new way of thinking that incorporates the old ways. 

It is necessary, to overcome the limitations of the past and evolve to inherit the New Earth. Within the process, it can seem like so much mundane matter, trite and meaningless, fraught with difficulty and tribulation. But viewed from without, the bursting, roiling energies of foundational creation are overflowing the cauldron of materiality and manifesting all around us in every moment.

Magic does not look like magic to magic. It looks like normative existence. The power of Logos to create, above as below, in our individuate lives and in our collective world is so ubiquitous to our lived experience that we take it for granted and do not acknowledge the inherent mystery.

And perhaps that is necessary. To live unaware of the entangled nature of our consciousnesses, the superposition of potentiality, the manifestation of one choice among an infinite array of choices. 

Our autonomous living systems engage creation on our behalf as we navigate the treacherous and terrific waters of life, our attentions concentrated upon the polar choices of elevation or desecration of soul. 

Transhumanism beckons as the next potential level of human evolution. Mind takes charge of the exoteric reality and choice becomes paramount for some populations while others choose a more natural route, eschewing physical manipulation in favor of esoteric exploration. 

Diversity remains dynamic. Change remains paramount. Oneness remains inevitable, although time and space conform to no one’s will alone. We exist within the auspices of a collective experience, our simultaneous correlation of this reality dependent upon combined perceptive choices and subliminal agreements regarding experiential manifestation. 

No one is an island. And yet we are. Diversity promises so. And that is the beauty and danger of our world and times, now as ever. Nothing has truly shifted and yet everything has. 

Undergoing the trauma and challenges of our times is a condition of growth. Evolution requires pain. Conflict. Danger. Change. 

But at the same time, it promises beauty and love and growth and joy. We cannot experience one pole of emotional and physical experience without the other. 

Tribalism will remain a quintessential expression of human coalescence around shared beliefs and values. But those tribes are now becoming multi-ethnic and global rather than homogenous and local. 

And the cycle continues. As ever, spiraling into heights and realities currently undreamt. 

Isn’t that beautiful?


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