The Trump Gambit: Race and privilege in America

The Republican gambit was successful. 

After 8 years of total obstruction of the Obama agenda, they will now possess the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches. They will have no real opposition for 2 years at a minimum. 

In 2018, after 2 years of Republican dominance, the American people will again head to the voting booth to vote on how well they’ve accomplished the task they were all elected to do. We will then see if the “Make America Great Again” mandate has succeeded. 

That task appears to be the almost total reversal of the Obama agenda. At least, that is the platform Republicans from the top down ran on. Making this nation great again invokes fear in many because that greatness only ever affected one population positively. The rest of us were and are not included and, in fact, were and are the bodies and souls that greatness consumed, in that making.

Already, the President Elect has stepped back on his promise to “lock her up”. Already, he has said they will keep some parts of Obamacare. Already, he has reduced the number of Hispanics he has said he would deport. Already, he has chosen to offer the American people cabinet appointments that present difficulties to many Americans. 

None of that matters. The President Elect was hired to stop diversity in its tracks and restore the whiteness of this nation as its primary identity. This mandate alone is what brought him to the highest office in the land and is his only reason for being there.Nothing else he does is more important. No lie he tells no facts he flubs no discourtesies he offers to Americans or nations abroad. 

The task ahead for his Republican colleagues is to reign him in where possible and moderate his decisions when it comes to truly important matters. But the permanent establishment in Washington which works beyond Administrations and behind the scenes considers itself up to the task. 

Fate may work things out a bit differently than they expect.

The Alt Right and center is busy blaming the Left for protests and violence. The Alt Left excoriates the majority of whites for voting in their perceived interest. The Balkanization of America is complete. Both sides claim divine mandate. The gulf is so wide it is currently not bridgeable. 

The culture wars of the last 60 years have born strange fruit of only a slightly less horrific nature. Old school lynching has generally been replaced by police depredations, urban recidivism and multi-generational familial dysfunction, all side effects of deliberate repression and systemic marginalization. 

Racism and prejudice against different populations continue to bolster the divide. The Left-leaning coalition of white Liberals, LBGTQIA and various ethnic minorities is prone to cooptation now because deeper and more visceral concerns have come to the fore. 

Fear and uncertainty reign. But not everyone who has chosen this path deliberately shares the same exact surface fear. For some it is immigrants, for others it is the government. For still others it is economics. But what underlies all of these is a deep, bone-chilling feeling of discontent. 

Of ending. 

Of something gargantuan and terrifying, remorseless and intent upon the destruction of the world as it has been and its recasting into something new and different. 

Fear of the unknown is the most ancient and primal of human fears. And still the most visceral, resulting in general malaise and the recasting of petty fears as primary, hence the misidentification of the above set of fears as being causative rather than reactive. 

The only remedy for this fear is acceptance. Which is not the choice of many who would rather fight a formless enemy than face reality and the world as it is and will be. The course the Republicans chose, so many decades ago – and continue to choose at each juncture decisions arise – to reinforce division and recast enemies out of would-be allies and fellow Americans has brought us to this point. 

Rather than work together, we are now committed ideologically to deepening division. The Left and Right inhabit mutually exclusive bubbles of perception that result in diametrically opposed realities. The tools to remedy these individual and collective misapprehensions exist but the work required to shift the narrative is too great. 

A reckoning is in the wind. The choice to face it squarely has just been made. The decision to create a new form of Apartheid won out over Multicultural America. All that is left now is for the American people to choose the manner in which this reckoning shall occur. And choose we shall. 

Because destiny is in the making.


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