Tough Love

There is this thing called tough love. 

The multiverse does it. When a black hole eats a star. When a lion eats an antelope. When any energy is consumed, transformed and becomes something else. 

People do it. When a parent chastises a child. When friends don’t enable friends. When a vegetarian eats a beet. When any energy is consumed, transformed and becomes something else. 

If God is Love and God is All then Love is All. That is the foundation of manifest reality. All we see must be Love, no matter how we characterize it morally at our limited, human level of understanding. 

A lot of people are talking about love and acceptance right now. Moving on and making amends with those who do not agree with us. 

Well, some things are not agreeable. 

Some things cannot be ignored; can be forgiven, but not forgotten. Love can be expressed by holding firm to principles of acceptance and inclusion especially when half of your national polity has chosen otherwise. 

There is tough love in holding their feet to the fire. 

There is tough love in standing tall in your kinship network. 

There is tough love in asking people why they chose hate.

There is tough love in standing up for justice.

And there is tough love in recognizing that you are now fundamentally opposed to half the people in this nation because they pulled the lever for a demagogue of discord and exclusion no matter how they justify it now. 

And there is no more justification. There is just the reality of what we woke up to this morning. Which was, actually, true yesterday and in the weeks and months and years prior to today. 

That truth is, that this nation is still predominately racist and sexist. That white supremacy still reigns. That hate still has a place at the head of the table right here in the Land of the Free. And that we all knew it. 

And now, we will see what happens. The entire world will. The veil has been lifted from the eyes of those who still had it on, choosing willful ignorance instead of clarity. We will see who decides to “go along to get along”. Who decides to “get with the program”. To fall in line and “make America great again”.

It is time to stand up. 

It is time to reveal the shadow side of Amerikkka in every aspect. Time to lift the rocks and expose the United Snakes wherever they hide. Time to force them to confront their choice by being defiant in opposition to their will and what they desire for this nation in all its hateful, selfish ignominy. 

For a lot of you this is your family and friends. And you will have to choose to express who you truly are. Many will choose to capitulate and be quiet; let them enforce their will in the states, at the Federal level in Congress and the Senate, the Judiciary and Executive branches. 

Allies Are people who act. Not capitulate, not do what Democrats always do in Republican administrations and roll over meekly with their bellies exposed to the sword. Souls of Light that consciously represent the Light in its aspect of fierce and unrepentant brilliance, banishing the darkness and exposing the lies and abominations for all Creation to see.

It’s time for tough love. 

The division is here, real, and those on the other side have no qualms about spitting that prideful hate and smug exclusion in your face or worse. 

If you give in to your family and friends and go along with what is going on you are a part of it. You agree. You have chosen a side by your very capitulation and there are sides indeed. 

I’m not upset about last night, no matter how I might sound. I expected this outcome and have since Bush left the race. Merely endorsing the status quo with a semi-covert beast of the NWO like Hillary was too much for half the nation and that was a requisite wake-up call for many. 

Instead, the open beast is now King.

Despite the popular formulation of the reality, Hate hasn’t just risen out of nowhere, it has always been present. For those of us not in the majority, we know and knew it because many of us see it and have seen it in eyes and actions on the daily. For those in the majority you hear it at parties, the dinner table, in exclusive conversations.

This has the feeling of destiny fulfilled, as our new President and his devout followers have known from the beginning of this process. But I know, as those who are our true allies know:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

– Ephesians 6:12

In the Baghavad Gita, the great warrior Arjuna was torn over whether to fight his friends and family in the battle of Kurukshetra. Krishna exhorted him to fulfill his Dharma and act, fulfilling one side of the dualistic choice in his decision to stand for righteousness.

All have a part to play. What is yours?

There is a place for the pacifists, for those who do not choose sides, for those who would rather talk than act. In an Infinite and Eternal Creation all possible outcomes, including this one, are right and good. Because this is, it is as it should be. 

Now we all need to figure out who we need to be. If you did not realize these were the times we live in and that this was the battle some of us were born to contend in at multiple levels of consciousness and energetic expression, perhaps that truth will sink in now. 

Don’t fret. 

The other side of America is standing tall today and you can see it in the averted eyes you pass on the streets, in the hallways and offices and here online. 

Mark them. And move forward knowing that your course is fated for success and that the outcome is justice, no matter how it may look right now. 

Tough love.

We have entered the next level of the Game of Life in a most interesting time and space indeed. So prepare yourself for what comes now, whichever orientation you choose. 



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