Fear and Mystery

Life is a journey into the Unknown. 

We have no idea what tomorrow might bring. In truth, we have no idea what the next moment might bring. 

This is a fearsome revelation. Consider it. 

This might be the last moment of our lives. What then? What comes next? Where do we go? 

The answers to those questions are the very stuff of life. In order to progress through experience, moment by moment, we must in each instance engage in a stupendous maneuver. 

We must pretend that we know that there is a future. That there will be another moment beyond the one we currently inhabit. This is, in effect, cultivating illusion. Suppressing the ever-present and underlying terror that we are experiencing our last conscious moment on this earth. 

All efforts toward education, toward creation, toward expression, are challenges. Candles lit against the encroaching Darkness, whirling winds of Mystery threatening the veneer of civilized calm we affect against the ever-present threat of a surrender to abject, overwhelming and unreasonable fear. 

Until Mystery is known, knowledge is merely belief.  

The Unknown, infinite and eternal, pit against mind and heart, puny and briefly charged with life, according to the understanding of normative, human cognition.

Fear propagates further descent into Maya. Encapsulation within relative bubbles of reality, where we reside with others of like mind. Those who share our particular and programmed fears. 

Until we make other choices.

Forced by external or internal events, we shift, or we don’t.

Either way, the choice is ours. 

Until it isn’t, and Mystery beckons. And that final moment arrives, where we all must confront the fear and move up – or down – the spiral into what comes next. 

Or not. 


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