Mystery and Polarity: Manifesting higher 

Everywhere the laws of this universe apply, there is opposition. 

Perhaps in other universes things are different. But here, there is, was and always will be polarity. 

If you believe that, at some point in time and space, there can be light without dark, you are mistaken. If you believe there is a place where up exists without a corresponding down, you are wrong. If you think there can be action without an oppositional reaction, you are incorrect. And If you think there can be good without evil you are straight up deluded.

These things must be. Are conditions of material existence.  

It is comforting to believe certain illusions. Just as it is less stressful not to think about things that upset you. But when the very laws of Creation are deliberately ignored in favor of vacuous fantasies a hard, but necessary, grounding is in order. 

Even upon the face of Sol – within the auric span of His continuous light – you see spaces of darkness. Coronal mass ejections, magnetic anomalies of primal power. In outer space, where gravity is diffused, there are gravitational centers and peripheries which pull mass inexorably in directions which could equate to up and down. 

The basic laws of Newtonian physics document the cycling and spiraling nature of energy expenditure. As above, so below. This is the case for human actions as well. Reactions are guaranteed, from other humans and the sensate world itself. For every one who expresses the epitome of human goodness, you can be certain another one stands in exact opposition on the scales of morality, expressing a fundamental property of energetic manifestation. 


It is good to work to make the world different. Better. To seek a higher state of being for ourselves and also our societies. But it is dangerously naive to discount the dual nature of the world and of people while engaging the visualization process and attempting to manifest higher versions of our shared reality. 

Within the parameters of the natural world Mystery resides and reigns, leaving plenty of room for magic and miracles. What is, is so amazing, so boundless and ineffable, that it must certainly be that human knowledge is but a pittance in the estimation of the unknown. 

Even bound by the remorseless progression of time and the seeming limitations of space, so much remains probable. Understanding natural law and human intention and accountability has been enough for countless sages, yogis, shamans and medicine people to map physical reality in meaningful representations of our world and its relation to the worlds that exist beyond. 

The hermetic principles are a guide for those who are prepared. Internalizing these principles allow the seeker to interpret events in the context of their synthesis with seemingly unrelated variables. Seeming chaos is, therefore, ordered, at a level far beyond the ability of most to consciously interpret. 

Coming to terms with the nature of good and evil in a realistic way is necessary. We must then apply that understanding to ourselves and our passage through life, cognizant of the difference between the laws of this world (Man) and those of the Universe (God).

It is only thusly that opposition is balanced and the chaos and disorder of Creation can be contextualized as a necessary expression of a boundless manifestation of potentiality. Where all that Is, Was and Ever Shall Be coalesces as a Revelation of Love, as the primeval excrescence of consciousness spanning the liminal expression of life itself.



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