Knowing and Mystery: Relative right and wrong

Everybody thinks they’re right. And that those who don’t agree with them are wrong.

Is right relative? Is there a universal manifestation of right that has its antimatter equivalent in wrong? Some transcendent, capital “T” Truth expression of such utter polarity that its oppositional counterpart itself ascends equally to the status of universality? 

What would it be like, to no longer care to be right? To no longer think in terms of right and wrong? Would it be possible to coexist with others in this frame of mind and still be able to interact with the vast majority of people who still think, speak and act in these terms? 

Clinical Psychopaths display certain common characteristics that indicate the lack of a conscience, the feeling of regret or remorse as well as a belief in their own infallibility and superiority. 

To a psychopath, no matter the effect of their actions on other people, they are always right. Certainly, they understand the mores and codes of civil society and the strictures upon individual action that mutual consideration of another’s base humanity places upon compassionate and empathic individuals. Which they then exactly flout and ignore for their own personal benefit, aggrandizement and comeuppance. 

A sensational alignment, in fact, with the mentality and ethos required to be successful in the real world. Material incarnation within the worlds of classical and quantum physics are reconciled by certain fundamental principals including polarity, gender, vibration, rhythm, cause and effect, correspondence and mind. For that reason, human experience is conditioned invariably by these basic principles of materialization.

The world is what it is and always will be. 

In this context, is it possible for a fully souled and conscious individual to be so similarly inclined, but within the complete expression of universal compassion and love, embodying the full, human ability to experience and express empathy and agape love to her fellow human being? And yet to still be beyond caring about whether one is right, or wrong? 

To release the need to be right, the fiery churning of the solar plexus during egoic expression, is to exist within a perceptual framework inimical to the collective zeitgeist of oceanic humanity. It is to breath into the golden karma of the third chakra’s quintessence and consciously quiet will with a deeper, greater source of power. To be able to exist in equanimity with relativity, understanding implicitly the absolutely fundamental requirement reality reserves to infinite creative expression, eternally. 

To respect that knowing.

To honor the fundamental nature and condition of material incarnation. 

And to cultivate silence and peace in the face of utter Mystery. 

Or, as a wise man once wrote:

“Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

“When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.

“Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make sense any more.”

~ Coleman Barks


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