A Choice of Realities: Hype versus perception

Don’t believe the hype. Misused words of power skew perception. Don’t take the blue pill. Choosing illusion corrupts intention. 

Despite what social media, conspiracy memes and the MSM spin 24/7, things ain’t all that bad. America has never been greater than it is today. The world is continuing to coalesce as a global polity and science, while admittedly pushing the boundaries, promises a future of great potentiality. 

Despite efforts to continue to divide and conquer populations, pitting individuals and groups against each other, communication continues to break down boundaries slowly but surely. People of disparate backgrounds continue to find common cause. People at war continue to seek peace. 

Which is counter to the popular narrative. Russia and the USA are beating the drums of war. A race war is brewing in the USA. The Islamic State is threatening Europe. Transhumanism and genetic engineering threaten human survival. Climate change does as well. 

What do you see every day in your life? In your home, within your family, among your friends, across your community? What difference does your daily attitude make when you’re interacting within the sphere of your personal influence? 

In microcosm, we each represent a world unto ourselves. As the world is, on average, each body is also made up of approximately 75% water. As is the case with the world, our bodies are host to many species, biota, are an ecosystem and world to countless millions of disparate entities. 

As our worlds collide in daily interaction we affect each other as the planets and solar systems do, our individual harmonic resonations affecting others as surely as song soothes the savage mind. 

The hype we perpetuate skews the collective. The blue pill we choose influences our families and friends.  

The reason why things cannot be as bad as they say they are is because we choose, in every instant, how things are. Not just for ourselves, but for the entire breadth of our conscious perception. 

Quantum science states so. Entanglement promises subliminal communication of mood and intention, the double slit experiment, the malleability of perception beneath the gaze of the observer. The collapsed wave function guarantees the necessity of agreement and dimensionality, the continuity of time and space within the realm of human consciousness and collective perception. 

What do you choose? What do we choose, together? Does your belief approximate sure knowledge? Or are you in an indeterminate space of knowing, ready to fall on whichever side of any equation is easiest? That allows you to continue to exist, within the realm of status quo propagation?  

Hype Truth by taking the red pill. 

Zion awaits on the other side. 


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