MSM Lies and Love as Truth

I understand that there is major manipulation of the American and global population currently underway in the Mainstream Media (MSM). 

You should as well. 

Whenever entire populations began thinking, feeling and moving en masse, Occam’s Razor is generally the right lens to observe the process critically through.  

What looks to be random isn’t always. False flags are real and historical turning points in the destiny of nations. Events can, have and always will be manipulated for the benefit of ruling concerns. 

Discernment is mandatory. If you feel something is suspect, honor your intuition and your genetic cellular database. Honor your Ancestors as they speak from the depths of your very soul to let you know what is going on in the world around you. 

Honor the love that trumps belief with knowledge. And, finally, trust your internal voice. That truth that comes conversely from your innermost realms which are, simultaneously, the outermost realms of Cosmos.


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