Panoptic Scapegoats: Blackness as necessary pariah

The stated goal of the USA is to create a more perfect union. To bring together the world’s people and create the most diverse populace the world has ever known. While the founders were far from perfect, they endeavored to imbue the system with levels of infallibility and pliability that would allow it to shift to adapt to new situations and times. 

It is a staggering vision. Counter to the nature of the world, mired in polarity and infinite permutations in human expression. Good, evil and everything in between coexists as the macro and micro and yet, in this nation, the attempt to bind all of these diverse attitudes, experiences and ethnicities into a cohesive whole is one of its overriding ideological and rhetorical imperatives.

But not an overriding material and actionable imperative. The nature of the system as a capitalistic, representative democratic nation is one of inequity and oppression. The evolution of Panopticon, a national and global surveillance system, has resulted in the virtual enslavement of minds and bodies. Populations in the West are less free than others across the world not so bound and have little idea, believing their choices are primarily their own.  

The very basics of life. The pleasures of leisure time. The entertainments. The Western imperative toward crass consumption remains unchecked. Gluttonous, over-sexualized, violent and individuating memes are encouraged at the conscious and subconscious levels. Division and the imposition of fear-based considerations abound. 

The contradictions in the material and immaterial aspects of this Great Experiment are daunting. How is it possible to reconcile the ideal with the real? Must a system created with built-in inequities, designed to be controlled by the elite – then coopted to include their corporations – end as it began, serving only the monied interests? Or can the system shift to encompass all affected populations and make certain that the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are available to all without the intertwined threats of economic and racial profiling, mass conspiracy and unconscionable murder remaining an implicit and pervading reality? 

Fear can be a persuasive tool. Utilized as an expression of command and control modalities. At both national and local levels of governance in oppressive politics systems such as capitalism. Fear of poverty. Fear of oppression. Fear of the Other guide our everyday choices as a consequence. 

Appealing to the lowest common denominator is an appeal to fear. Separation, division, oppression are all lower vibratory expressions of human consciousness and contract potentiality rather than expand it. Cause people to want to build walls rather than open gates. Create more rules rather than release people to be more free. This propensity is inherently inimical to the ideal of the United States, but directly in line with the experiential reality of the United States. 

Right now, and throughout this nation’s past, its majority population has required scapegoats. Sacrificed to the mechanization of industry and agriculture. It has require mental and physics enslavement to satisfy the infernal demands of progress and ancient divinities. Native peoples, black peoples, then others have served turns while those expressing the greatest differences from the physics and racial mean have continued to serve the role of fearsome Other.

At this point, it is engraved in the nation’s character. The waters have absorbed the blood and the soil fertilized with the bodies of the sacrificed. And yet, today, a deficit of historical memory allows modern generations to believe they have no tie to the past, that their greatness is the result of their own efforts. 

Ignorant folly supported by mainstream media and interests that prefer the population deaf, dumb and drugged. Unaware that the seeds of their destruction were sown in the days of this nation’s inception. That, unless some nigh impossible and heretofore unthinkable shift in consciousness occurs- in the vein of a suspension of the laws of motion and karma – an oceanic change in the nature of this world is underway and irrevocable. 

Nature and society as abstract invocations are turning against the purveyors of power and their children. The world watches in dismay. Awaiting the inevitable outcome. Wanting the United States to desperately be what it says that it is. Wanting, somehow, to create a world that has never been.


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