The Perfect Reflection

​You ever heard or read something that just left you with your mouth opening and closing and your eyes blinking dully because you have no idea how to respond? Something that was just wrong or offensive in so many ways that recognizing the nature of the thought processes that gave rise to said statement left you unprepared in that moment to respond to it? 

There is only so much you can do in the process of communicating with other people, be it real life or online. Sometimes, you just have to clap your lips shut, change the subject or choose not to respond to that particular posting. 

There can be wisdom in silence. 

Sometimes you can’t help. Sometimes, you are given the opportunity in life to realize that everybody has to learn their own lessons and that, for some people, that lesson, once embarked upon, is going to be hard, ugly and may not turn out well at all. 

To realize that any attempts you might make to affect the lesson will not be received well. Cannot be received well, given the other individual’s state of consciousness. This can, if effectively considered, give rise to an even more important consideration that should effect a humbling realization. 

That, sometimes, it is you. 

In fact, at all times, it is you. Me. Us. Any conflict with others arises in our own experiences and minds. 

We reflect each other so perfectly we see ourselves in another and don’t even recognize that we are the same. That thin line between love and hate is not the middling separation between polar opposites, but instead, a revelation of conditionality revealing the degree and intensity of attraction. 

When considered holistically, this realization accounts for the infinite permutations of potentiality communication represents. What we hear, is not always what was meant. That should give us pause and, for some of us it does. Which is why we stand or sit there, mouth opening and closing in futility as we realize that we are experiencing something important at that moment. 

The realization that our thought processes and ways of being are not universal. And that oppositional reflection is ok. That, in fact, it is necessary.

That moment of silence should be used constructively and any considered response should be embarked upon in full recognition of the mystery of consciousness and the vagaries of life that brought you to this moment of recognition. Finally, respect and honoring of this lesson should be given.

And you can move on, releasing any ire or negative intentionality into the void, releasing any karmic potentiality that could have arisen out of emotional or otherwise ill-considered engagement in futility and bombast.  

Or, you can open your mouth, take a deep breath and respond, come what may. The choice, is yours.


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