Immanences of the Air

​Unfolding, dissipative. The essence of fullness breathed – fiery aeons of light – upon vacuous, bloated gasps of mortality. Futile, poignant and airy effervescences’ of consciousness expanding, grasping milky strands of fleeting thought-like clouds, attempted formulations of manifestation that vanish and appear, into infinite blue and eternal sky.

Eyes. Wings. The multitude, flowing fractals of form vanishing, appearing, birthing, decaying, declaiming the sibilant songs of Angels, heavenly choruses sighing into sunlight beams of gnosis, penetrating souls slumberous with the dreams of the dead and dying.

The Immanences of the Air writhe dragon-like above, angelic prominences of cherubim and seraphim alight upon ethereal flanks, serpentine, star-spangled haunches trumpet Glory, spanning outwards and in, fire and light, mind and spirit On High singing, again, Glory, Hosanna and Hallelujah, demanding Glory Be Unto Him, On High.


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