The Lifesong of Manifest Reality

Opening your eyes to a brand new day is a gift. As you age and begin to feel the pangs of youthful indiscretions time becomes more important. The young think they will live forever.

Abusing the body with extreme physicality or torpidity, for the love or dislike of movement and ignorance of long-term consequences. Abusing the psychology and soul with food, alcohol and drugs, unaware of the mental and spiritual consequences. Creating future conditions in the eternal Now based upon thoughts mired in the past.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Lying in bed watching the sun filter glimmering dust motes floating like birds in microcosmic splendor. Sitting in quietude as the waft of fresh coffee caresses your nostrils. Listening to the morning doves hoot to bring in the day. These moments of prescient awareness mean more than you might think.

At some point, you realize you may have more days behind you than ahead. You can choose at any time to allow this knowledge to galvanize your life and give impetus to your desires to achieve. Or, you may take the path of living in the knowing that doing is futile when motivated purely by desires alone. That there is more to life than what you want.

Children help with that. Shift a life, a perspective, a weight of purpose and intent, on some previously unknown balance of judgment we all possess. All choices have consequences, we realize. Every single one. From the largest to the smallest.

Like those dust motes. Just one can change a life. Floating about seemingly randomly gives rise to the understanding that most of us live our lives this way. Seemingly random movements through time and across space unaware of the deeper currents of life.

The body of air that is guiding that dust, carrying it surely in a certain direction. The tone and tenor of a life, of a collection of choices determined by underlying currents like familial and societal belief systems, that carry us through manifest reality, often unwittingly, until we become aware of their influence in our lives.

At which point, we can then choose how we travel those airs, waters, fires, earths and aethers. As many realities exist as our imaginations can explore. We can open our eyes to each day, purposefully. Become more aware of the deeper currents and our ability to maneuver within them. Like that dust mote. Or the particles of that brewing coffee as they caress your nostrils, or the morning doves who chose of all places those trees outside your window to compose their life songs.

Compose your Life Song and sing it with assurance and expectation. Choose the notes and the tempo, to live fortissimo or pianissimo. You are the conductor and choose the instruments of your will. It is never to late to take charge of your orchestra and begin to conduct your life consciously through the soaring and intricate melodies and expansive choruses. Purposefully. Attuned to higher purpose.

Knowing yourself. Knowing the world around you. Knowing that your choices were, are and will be right for the moment and according to your state of understanding and being and that all is as it should be no matter what. That you do have a destiny, a fate no lesser or greater than any other. That your life has meaning and its end is only a new beginning.  Knowing that you will move on. That you will, indeed, live forever, after all.


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