The Codification of Creation

I find that I need to speak more clearly. More concisely. Words confuse. Their abuse is entertaining, but deadly. As understanding is key, using the most direct language is apropos. The most accurate words to describe the meaning conveyed, no matter their commonality. Dictionaries are our friends. So is Google.

Two people may see the same word and understand it differently. Converse and take two meanings from the interaction, affecting all that occurs next. Words are thoughts materialized. Logos, the power of creation, as what we think, we then speak and can thereafter make manifest.

Words can change the world. They are the building blocks of ideas that make up philosophies and religions. But they are merely symbols. The original power of words is in the thought processes themselves. The honing of mind, the Codification of Creation.

The Zulu Sangoma, Credo Mutwah, says that in the earliest times, the world was covered in mist and humans could not see the skies. Instead, they saw a haze of light, moving across the sky during the day. The sun. Credo states that the moon, came later. People then were hermaphrodites and telepathic and the animals sacrificed their lives to be food when people called them by the power of their minds alone.

Then, one day, a terrible sound and a great crashing occurred and the Chitauli – a Reptilian race of Beings depicted in many mythologies and religions – arrived on earth from the stars above. They declaimed themselves as gods and made man and woman into separate entities. From unity, they created separation. From one, they made two. Dichotomy. Polarity. Opposition.

Woman hated man for the protrusion between his legs and man hated woman for the protrusions on her chest. The war of the sexes began and the Chitauli took women to be their mates and birthed the demi-gods, those whose descendants would later become the rulers of this world. They put the newly separated humans to work mining gold and placed their hybrid children in rulership over our distant ancestors. These beings became the Aristocracies, those who speak for and do the bidding of the Chitauli, who would become known as Powers and Principalities as time and space created distance between mythology and some potential form of distant and mist-enshrouded reality.

They taught men and women to speak. To write. To create with their hands. To worship them and to use money; to hew a life out of the natural world. Many cultures possess similar tales of the gods and goddesses who created humanity and bequeathed unto them the full trappings of civilization. But of paramount importance in all of these tales, is the primacy of language. Of mastering the world by defining it, naming it and, thereby, controlling and mastering it.

Over time and across space, due to the propensities of humanity to diversify and innovate, the tower of Babel manifest and the original one language became many, as people did also. But if words, used in a willful manner as naming, defining and codifying were so important at the dawn of human consciousness, then these properties of Logos can be no less important now. Wiccans say that spelling is called such because speech, and writing, are the very essence of magic, the casting of spells. Christians know that God created the world by calling it into being with his vast, all-encompassing Word.

Perhaps we all need to speak more concisely. More accurately. Respect the power of the words that come out of our mouths. Understand that we are invoking the power of creation with each syllable that we utter, with each sentence that we construct, with each sound that emits from our oral orifice and each word that arises from the manipulation of our fingers.

The abuse of words is entertaining, but deadly, as our aural orifices reverse-engineer the creation process and internalize words heard, creating inner, life-negating realities out of resonance with our essential, spiritual well-being.. Therefore, the most accurate wordage, perhaps, should be utilized at all times. There is no shame in ignorance, as long as it is not willful and as long as efforts are made to alleviate this natural condition. Inner illumination is facilitated by open minds seeking ever to know and transform belief into true, inner gnosis, or, knowledge.



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