It is impossible to share knowledge.

Only belief. Knowledge is actualized experience.

How can One summarize a lifetime’s learning? Distill the essence of thousands of books, countless astral jaunts and sublime experiences of Kenshō (見性)?

Since One cannot, what One must do is communicate in indirect ways that – hopefully – reveal the barest glimpses of the Pathless Path, Written in the Sky.

What One can do, is laugh. Cry. Discuss. And share interesting thoughts and relevant memes. Images and animations designed to Awaken. Articles presented to provoke and titillate. Information meant to expand the realm of probability to the infinite. To be taken or left, as One wills. One can tell stories; One can encourage the Friends of One’s Soul to explore, to open their minds and to go beyond their own experience and to awaken the Heart of Compassion.

One can seek others of like mind. Of a curious nature. Embrace those met in the coffeeshops, at work and in the places and spaces of recreation and joy. One can search carefully and synchronicitously friend selected souls in social media and hope they respond. Then like certain, soulful posts and pictures and leave evocative commentary and connect the way souls have for infinite millennia.

One hopes for growth. One yearns for connection, true understanding and the birth of common cause and real, sptiritual alignment and the recognition of underlying, integral Oneness. One is One. One is Many. One sees in others what one sees in One’s own self. Because One is not alone.

I am not alone.

Neither are you.

Ever. 💚👽💚




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