Race, Ethnicity and Spiritual Growth

Although I cultivate primarily spiritual community, it is necessary, in the search for a higher spiritual understanding and expression, to consider some current issues of the day. One of these issues that has been very explosive in recent weeks is that of America’s racial interrelations. Why should these types of events be of interest to spiritually-centered people? Aside from the obvious – that these particular events are part of a long-term pattern and endemic to the American and global experience of racial hegemony – the primary reason it is useful to focus some attention upon these terrible events and their aftermath is because the relationships between individuals and groups are the fundamental currency of spiritual growth in this matrix of a world we live in.

It is tantamount to koan-like status in eastern systems of belief that, once one has achieved an enlightenment experience, that individual is supposed to return to the community and influence others. Spirituality is not separate from life. Not separate from community. One’s personal spiritual evolution is expressed by one’s ability to successfully cultivate healthy relationships, be those at the individual or group level. When a social group is engaged in negative behavior at the collective level, how can one state one is engaged in spiritual community if one is not engaging that behavior in the attempt to affect change within that group?

These issues of ethnicity and race lie at the base of our every interaction in society, even when we are within mono-racial or ethnic environs, because all systems of governance at the national and global level are ensconced within a larger, cultural system that is typified by color-stratification. Even in Africa, Asia and Mesoamerica, one finds the telltale expression of white supremacy as a remnant of the colonial and neocolonial systems of remote governance that preceded globalism as the corporate evolution of the Western European expansion out, into the rest of the world.

Those who ignore these issues do so at their own spiritual peril. Turning away from these issues, considering them meaningless in the spiritual context is cultivating the hardened heart and ossifying the heart of compassion required to experientially realize Oneness as more than an abstract concept and the lived and scientifically-based reality that permeates all of material existence. One cannot truly believe in Oneness if one holds separation and difference at the core of one’s being.

This does not mean that failing to recognizing separation, polarity, difference, is necessarily the only spiritually-correct path to follow. Blindly proclaiming that all of humanity is one while continuing to ignore the issues of the day, concentrating upon one’s own spiritual goals while ignoring the society within which one lives is the correct path for those who seek to achieve the mountaintop, to have peak experiences of Kensho and Satori, i.e. enlightenment experiences that transform belief into real knowledge. Once these experiences have informed a psyche, they are meant to be actualized during real interaction with other incarnate souls in the attempt to achieve a more perfected form of relation and evolved society.

It is possible to view the current issues society is experiencing collectively as a test. A test designed to show us each where we are gaining and lacking in our understanding of true Oneness. In fact, perhaps it is no accident and is instead a cosmic synchronicity that such issues have come to the fore currently. That, no matter the Machiavellian designs of certain elite cabals the world across, there is something for spiritual aspirants to learn in this experience that will assist them in their evolutionary journey.

I share these articles and videos because I feel them. Deep within my heart and soul, my essence reaches out to those who share this living journey because they are like me. Their skin is like mine, their lived experience in this nation is like mine. They are me. But even if their experience is not yours and your life is less dramatic, more peaceful, allowing you to cultivate the space and time to party and get high, to drink and dawdle about life as youth wanes and middle-age approaches, it is good practice to extend your heart of compassion to their life situations because there – but for the grace of whatever God you might believe in or not – go we all. Because they are you. We are you.

The truth of this is evident in all aspects of people experience. Science and mysticism confirm it. Daily life does as well, at levels almost invisible in their subliminal permanency as effective filters of our lived experience and thought processes. The heightened experience of that which lies beyond the physical is designed merely to situate the Experiencer more firmly within lived, material reality. To confirm the nature of the Multiverse and highlight the simultaneous blessing and curse of this life we all live. To exacerbate polarity and awaken the knowing path of the mind, to foment emotion and enliven the felt path of the heart.

Open your mind and heart and recognize the necessity of your participation in the greater life of the community and the spirit. We are more than we ever dreamed of. The Infinite is our Birthright and the Eternal is our Destiny.



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