Joy and Fear in Apocalyptic America

Has anybody noticed how crazy things are? How cray cray people seem to be acting? Have your social media timelines in FB, Twitter, Instagram and other formats been overrun by negative comments, petty and nonsensical disagreements, derision, straight up haterade and mega-shade?

Do not despair. It’s not you. It’s all of us, together! What we’re experiencing right now is collective angst, and yes, it is possible – according to science – for us to experience things together as a whole. Quantum entanglement, mob psychology, spiritual Oneness, wherever you look, these kinds of group interactions are well known and happen all the time. The question is, what can you do about it?

Well, of course there are many possible responses. You can get involved in flame wars. Give as good as you get. Descend into the abyss and go for yours, making your enemies cry for mama and kowtow to your greater argumentative ability. You can ignore it all, stop posting, close all of your social media accounts, turn off your lights and phone and crawl into a corner to lie in fetal position until calmer moods prevail.

This ain’t just ‘Murica. This is the entire world, which is why it’s so powerful! Europe, Asia, Africa, the rest of the Americas, you name it, people are going through it. Are experiencing political and social upheavals, are personally going through trials and tribulations and it all adds up to all of us feeling this impending and foreboding sense of dread, as if the sword of Damocles were hanging over us held up only by a thin and unraveling rope. What is next? Are we going through Armageddon? The Apocalypse? The end of the Mayan Age? An Indian or African Yuga?

The answer is yes, to all of the above. An apocalypse is a destruction, of ideas, of societal structures, of material possessions. That is happening as it has always happened and because we live in an interconnected global village we are more aware of it than ever before. An Armageddon event is a final conflict, which represents a shift from one way of being to another. We are definitely experiencing this in all of its glory. The indigenous Ages and Yugas are expressions of civilizations rises and falls, we are at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. These things have happened before and will happen again, at higher iterations of the eternal spiral.

Fear and joy combine as we witness the birthing of new technology and the potential of human flowering that could open up the future to a newer and more expansive vision of humanity than has ever existed on this planet before. Simultaneously, we are seeing wars and rumors of war, diseases on the edge of epidemic, social warfare on every level of planetary society, personal and collective uncertainty that makes folks fear the next day, unsure even of what the very next moment might bring.

And so, we are presented with two choices. Which tomorrow do we want? The one that leads into the light or the one that leads into the darkness? And how can we make the one we want happen? Surely we are only ourselves, individuals, with no ability to affect the greater world beyond us, right? Isn’t it hopeless? Aren’t those in control of the world going to win because they have all of the power?

You know the answer. We all know the answer because it lies at the core of our very beingness. It is the essence which makes us each a unique individual and yet, at the same time, that makes us part of a whole; individual cogs in a great machine working toward a common goal.

That goal, is survival. A basic imperative that fuels life from single-celled organisms all the way up to humanity and beyond. What is the way forward? How do I live? How do my children live? How does my family live? How do my friends live? How does my community live?

As we each make the choices in our lives that answer the above questions, we come to see that we are all more alike than we are different. That the flame wars are opportunities to reconcile difference. To understand each other better. That the current energies are actually a tool that is helping us to become better people as individuals and better groups as coexisting collective organisms living upon this great, planetary body known as Gaia/Sophia, Earth and Terra. As our bodies must work together to continue our individual life, our social bodies must work together to continue our collective life.

And we can do so. With each choice we make toward the greater good. Let fear dissipate beneath the weight of your laughter and love, turn that smile upside down and let the world take care of itself as you take care of yourself. As we each work it out within ourselves, it works out outside of ourselves. Far from being a feel-good philosophy, this is proof positive that change comes from within. That one person can change his or her world. And if we each do that? We change the entire world.



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