Collision Course with Conspiracy

What a difference a day makes. A few days, a week.

These are hard times if you’re an Empath. If you can feel the pain of others intensely. If you see a wound, you feel the wound; if you hear a cry, you feel a cry; if you see a tear, you feel a tear coming on. If you haven’t seen a wound, heard a cry or shed a tear in the last two days, this simple missive to the void will probably make little sense to you.

The world seems to be on a certain path. The Power Elite seek conflict and war, it is all over the mainstream media (MSM). Even without perusing the television or popular online news hubs, social media trumpets the news alongside our opinions and feelings about it. So it’s easy to feel polarized these days, even for those who seek the Higher Path, when you and your family, your friends and community are in some form of perceived danger.

What is harder to do is to seek the middle ground, the path that leads between the extremes. Rather than ignore feelings and let them roil beneath the surface, gaining weight and energy, they must be felt and, sometimes, expressed. Better that than to rage within and boil over with pent up anger and frustration. Our refusal, as Americans, to address these pressing issues of race and predation directly and decisively has led us to these dire straits.

I’ve said it – as many others have for a long time – and it is true: the Race Issue has been, is and will be the issue of our times. Until and unless it is addressed in a way that benefits the entire nation the Great Experiment will fail, miserably. And, unfortunately, that is exactly what too many people want. We are fed an Armageddon diet, suckled on post-apocalyptic entertainment, weaned on emotional and physical violence and too many people believe that because there are issues with the system or between groups within that system that the whole thing needs to be destroyed, come hell or high water.

We’ve got elites doing their damnedest to pit Americans against each other so that they can continue to benefit and remain ensconced at the top economically and politically. We’ve got regular people, white, black, brown, yellow and red trying to get by every day with legitimate complaints about the lack of jobs, about the perceived progress of others, about their own situations worsening. We’ve got the poor and the broken, eking out the barest form of sustenance day to day, eating out of trashcans and barely surviving on the charity of others.

And this is the world. This is the situation – to greater and lesser degrees – everywhere. The USA is merely the world in microcosm. Right now, we’re on a Collision Course with Conspiracy. Every bad thing that every right and left wing extremist has ever said about what is going to happen in this country and across the world seems to be happening. If they are right, then this nation will go down in flames. It seems like the rest of the world is despairing. They’ve loved America at its best and hated America at its worse and these times, right now, are among our best and our worst, simultaneously.

But the choice remains, as it always has been, is and always will be. It’s all about those who sit on the sidelines while the periphery actors rail and wail, tussle and taint experience with horror and beauty. Those who observe. The Silent; the ones who feel, think, but do not always speak up, continue to sit on the sidelines, even now. Their numbers are substantial. And they are the fulcrum that will decide in which direction the balance swings. They are the Deciders in what is and will be an epic, mythological tale for this Age.

What do we want? For ourselves, for our children? What kind of world? Who are we? Do we truly yearn for greatness, to be something that has never been on this planet? Do we transcend fear and reach for the stars while keeping our feet firmly planted on earth?

Or do we allow fear, loathing and external manipulation to repeat the pattern of centuries; to take us back down a path too well trod over too many millennia?

We decide. We do. You. Me. All of us. Together.

As One.



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