Fake It Till You Make It?

They say you’ve got to fake it till you make it. Look the part to be the part. Walk the walk and talk the talk. And there is truth to that.

To rewire the brain and overcome a lifetime of dysfunction it is necessary to take on new habits, speak new words, think different kinds of thoughts. Scientifically speaking, using affirmations and mantras, alongside creative visualization and emotional energization results in the formation of new pathways in the brain as synapses fire and rewire, transforming your neural network and your life. Neurons that fire together wire together.

But – as with all things and as an integral condition of the principles of polarity and rhythm – therein lies, also, a trap.

Some people get the appearance down pretty close to perfectly. They look, sound and act out the role. But their thought processes have not shifted. They act differently in private than they do in public. They do in the dark, hoping not to be seen in the light.

It’s as common as human frailty and failure and part of our collective Path and again expressive of cosmic principles. All is good in the human neighborhood. But for those Seeking, pay close attention. Make sure those you choose as Gurus, Shamans, Medicine People and Teachers are internally as well as externally consistent. You are within your rights to query and test. You are responsible for your own spiritual growth and are held accountable by the Multiverse in every moment.

For those who follow the Great Books, you are within your rights to query and test them as well. Any good Rabbi, Preacher, Pastor or Priest will encourage you to do so. Find the contradictions and reconcile them if you can.

For those who follow Science and the paths of agnosticism and atheism, you are Free. Allow others their freedom with respect as you follow your Path. Derision and negativity do no one any good, especially those who practice them. Blessings, or luck, abound, in the lives of the heart resonant. The art and science of Love is exactly that.

Beyond all Creeds and Beliefs. There is only This. Great Love, that extends out and into the Infinite and the Eternal, beyond our mortal capacity to comprehend, but within our soulful capacity to experience. One Love.



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