A Quick Note on the Future

There are some things that are coming, barring some cataclysmic event resulting in the return of the human family to an era approximating the Stone Age. One of those things is Transhumanism, to be simply defined as the genetic and cybernetic augmentation of the human body. Another is the Singularity, which I understand to include the birth of AI and the widespread adoption of mechanized and computerized work replacement trends.

We may not like them. We may detest and rail against them. But they are coming, as surely as the sun rises every morning. Manifesting potentiality seems to be a prime directive for the human entity. If it is possible, some component of our family must actualize it. Must bring it into the realm of material manifestation. The science – and the spirituality – of our seemingly boundless capacity to create exists beyond moral terms, while the uses put to this glorious bounty result in the contextual application of morality to what is essentially a pure, creative impulse that must be expressed as the capacity for mind to explore itself and the material and immaterial space within which it thrives and creates meaning.

With that said, many yearn for the complete destruction of the world as we know it and desire the dissolution of systemic adaptations human polities have synthesized across time and through space, resulting in the matrix of reality we co-navigate on the daily.  Despite the common belief, Western society did not begin in the West and is an amalgamation of systems from around the world, finding modern expression as hybridized, representative  democracy, which incorporates collective principles found in cultures around the world.

Our ability to shape the future is in our hands. It is remorseless only in the sense that it is happening, and the time cannot be stopped. The ability of individuals and collectives to shape this future remains intact. This, despite collective disillusionment with things as they currently are. Evidence of this truth lies in the observation of recent and current events across the world highlighting the changes that people are making in political processes and in cultural paradigms.

The world does not have to be some disutopian nightmare, despite popular media progiamming. It is whatever we desire it to be. Taking action individually, even if that consists only of sharing positive and resonant memes on social media, makes a difference. You never know who you might affect. If you dont want a chip in your head to augment your thinking ability or a certain disease edited out of your genome, fine. Say so. Act on your belief. Find others who resonate and make it a movement. Those who disagree have already done so. And as the space between polar extremes hums and roars with the intensity of the debate, consensus will birth the new reality in increments that will be both lightning-fast and iceberg-slow, depending upon the energies and the time. As it has always been.

And if we do return to the Stone Age and that cataclysmic event occurs? Most who yearn for it will die in the process. Those who survive will be those who rule the world now and they will bear the burden of our collective sins, the New Atlantis, mythologized for the coming Age.



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