Binary Hotspots

As we wander the world, from hotspot to hotspot, we disconnect from one to connect to another. If we return to that same place we can remember that hotspot and reconnect again. Or choose to forget.

Some relationships are like that. Spaces of being reflect the way we are at certain times in our lives. Music, food, frames of mind and groups of friends often define them. When we leave those places, we leave those spaces. From that moment on, forgetting or remembering are our binary choices. As they are with hotspots.

Some people you have to leave in the space you inhabited before you left certain places. They may still be in the same frame of mind they were in back then and you’ve moved on. They don’t fit into your life anymore. Or you don’t fit into theirs. Either way, it is fine and as it is supposed to be.

Remembering people as they were is always a disservice to who they are now. People change. Honoring that shift is a way of honoring yourself as well. In recognition of the work and self-knowledge it takes in order to become a new you.

In the end, people are nothing like wifi hotspots. The analogy only works so far. We are far more malleable and boundless, our options include more than the binary remembering and forgetting. We contain the infinite and the eternal. A hotspot just contains the internet.




  1. Beautifully written, as always. It made me think of the saying “please don’t speak to the old me. She doesn’t live here anymore.” We shift and morph, cells and energy. Lovely. 💖

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