Being Now

We don’t think about the future enough. I mean, in the right way. We may think about what happens tomorrow, or plans for some future event. We may consider ours, or our family’s destiny as well as the nation’s and even the world’s, in the abstract.

But we rarely consider the future in the context of the Now. That the future is the Now. That right now, is the future. Seeming wordplay nails the matter down to its essentials. If you are looking forward to some abstract future you are negating the power of agency in this moment, this space and time of our existence. Abrogating the necessity of taking individual responsibility for our collective fate.

We are One, both individuals and collective. Where we are mentally and spiritually right this moment is where we will be in the future, unless we make the decision to shift consciously, right Now. That is our perogative. To be who we choose to be. All expressions of human consciousness are valid, but some take us higher, make us better people, assure our children’s future through our actions rather than our inaction.

There is no better time. No better place. No better space of Being than that we inhabit right here, right Now. I encourage you to consider this moment in the context of your life as lived, with the realization that we are responsible for ourselves, our knowledge and our ignorance and what we do with both.

May we make the correct choices for our lives.



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