Consequences of Change

The world is changing. That is hard to accept for many people. They want things to stay the same. But things cant. So they must adapt. Or many will die.

Death will come by drugs.  By alcohol. By poor eating habits. By hoarding guns to fight an overwhelming military force. By fake foods and medicines, wifi clouds and electromagnetic depression. By the side-effects of stress; heart attacks, strokes, weakened immune systems and diseases, too many to name. By railing against the Other in fear and desperation.

All of these things are interconnected.  The same people often display the same symptoms.  Believe the same fear-porn. Look at the world with the same anger. Live the same hate. And they are going to spend that hate against others who hate. But also against those who love. They despair over the future and so seek dissolution and death.

And it will come. In a hail of bullets or an alcoholic haze. In a domestic dispute or a drug-induced mania. The light of the world will grow dark and they will slip off and into what comes next, their exit fueled by sure knowledge that their choices were wrong. As they know now, as they make them.



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