This Is Grace

The work you put in to clear your personal traumas helps all those within your personal sphere of influence. The heart resonates, emits its electromagnetic frequencies out into your environment and your peace affects others, soothes fields cacaphonic with worries and doubts, fears and dreads.

Prayer, meditation, moving within to find out who you are, examining your past and your regrets, your perceived future and your worries, reveals them as illusory at best. Nobody knows for certain what is about to happen next and what has already happened is gone. It exists only within our minds and is amenable to reconciliation and transformation through personal will and the petitioning of Source, of God, in the remediation of sin.

This is grace. This is opening up, through the heart, to God and the will of the Divine, whatever name you might call this energy by. The peace that pervades is real and results are what counts. A life lived cognizant of the lessons we learn and the trials we transcend is a life lived worthy of a soul traveling the conscious path of spiritual evolution. And when we pass from this plane of existence and find ourselves in the Infinite and Beyond, what is certain is that it will be more than we ever imagined.


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