Better Is Relative

Are things better in the world than they were? How about in your life? Do people in general have it better than they did a generation or three ago? How about in your family? Are there issues with the way society is run that require immediate resolution? How about in your own life, in the way you run it?

The point is, whether we look at the collective level or the individual level, if change is going to happen, it has to start with each one of us. Change will not happen in society until we change our own lives. The type of shift that typifies societies evolving from one way of understanding the world to another are always accompanied by individual revelations about who we are as people, what our world is about and what our lives mean.

It is easy to look out at the world and decry the horrors you witness, lambaste the collective state of things, desecrate the sacred cows that trundle through the world flattening all they trample. It is less simple to look at your own life and the horrors you experience, to assess the collective state of your life and desecrate your own sacred cows, ruining the fields you’ve attempted to plow in your drive to live a “better” life.

Better is relative. Dependent upon perspective. Nothing in the world changes, until we do.



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