Can You Feel It?

How many of us are feeling an activation? As if there is a power source within us that has only recently come online? A power source that seems to come from without, but that connects us to people who we do not know, all around the world? A source of strength which comes from the heart of Compassion, the mind of Justice and the soul of Truth?

A source of inspiration drawn from the deepest wisdom traditions, the most powerful and eternal streams of thought that herald back to the very beginning of time, the coalescence of consciousness around some space of beingness beyond the mundane ruminations of daily life?

Can you feel this power source come on-line when you watch the MSM? When you talk to your friends? When you meet the eyes of a stranger on the street and you know that you resonate to the same vibration? When you know something that you cannot know, that there is a reason for your life, a reason for your being present here on earth at this time in this particular place for a very specific reason?

Does this power source fill you with strength in moments of despair? In the midst of sadness and sorrow, do you suddenly feel joy simultaneously? Does your pain, the pain of others open up a deeper well of connection, into an endless and eternal void of perception that connects you to Source itself, a space where you can feel the perfect love and peace of Divinity, the workings of the most sublime and transcendent manifestation of consciousness in your life and the lives of all you know and even those you don’t?

There is power and purpose in all things. All events happen for very specific reasons, in response to very specific causes with very specific effects. We are all interconnected integrally at the quantum level, there is nothing that occurs that does not affect each and every one of us. At the same time, our thoughts about ourselves and others affect this collective unconscious and, together, we create the reality we live in, manifesting our fears and joys, creating our pains and pleasures, living our dreams and nightmares in every moment.

The activation that you feel, that we feel, is occasioned by many different factors that, in the end, matter less than the actuality of the feelings themselves. If you want to look to the stars, to the sun, to the planets, to collective or individual psychology, that is fine. If you wish to invoke destiny, ascension, religion or spirituality, that is all well and good.

In the end, none of it matters because all that does matter is right here and right now. And if you are a part of the movement to make a change in the world, then you are definitely feeling the fateful nature of these times in some personal and integral way. Your energetic expression is connected to mine, your heart of Compassion is the same as mine, your soul of Truth and mind of Justice are one with those countless millions or billions around the planet laboring under the illusion of separation, despairing and progressing toward some inscrutable goal oblivious to the vistas beyond the moment, beyond individual experience.

Yet, we know. Feel. Act with the certainty of sure knowledge. This activation is the continuation of a series of such vibratory events, a ratcheting up of potentiality in response to subtle and gross provocations in our shared reality. Triggers that release energetic potentialities unaccounted for by the machinations of the unaware. Those disconnected from Source, bent upon dominating the planes of reality with their holographic projections of force and control.

Consciously maintain this connection to this metaversal power-source. Close your eyes and feel it resonating within you, knowing that others are feeling it too. Breath into the energy, cultivate it, smile and cycle it through your very being, fill your body and quiet your mind and bask in the peace and joy it brings you naturally as a condition of its expression. Feel the core of justice that girds your loins, powers right thought, words and actions in the manifestation of natural law.

Draw comfort from your inclusion within this cadre of awakened souls. Know with certainty that you are not alone and that whatever happens next, it is supposed to happen and that all is right and proper with the world.



      1. “I often hear the question, why would any wise soul choose to come to Earth to suffer? My point is, that which you are in eternal spirit and bliss has no fear of these mundane transient matters which you, as a human being, get so caught up and traumatised by. Your spirit and your soul only perceive potential and opportunity to experience its Self through a different form, structure and expression. You choose to come to Earth to experience, first hand, what it is like to be a human being. In this there is great compassion learned through the values you encounter through personal relationships with your external world. This journey includes all of the joys and all of the sorrows, for within this duality lies great discovery of character and the expressive craft of free will and choice. It is not the events in life which define who you are; it is who you choose to be through such events which defines what the meaning of life is to you.”


  1. I feel it…and it is getting stronger every day,. along with my knowing who I really am and why I am here at this time…
    This is the last mission I must endure to the conclusion, so that I can show myself approved and proudly return to God/Source forever !
    Merry Christmas

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