To the Children of Privilege: An earnest missive in lieu of intellectual, emotional or physical violence

There comes a time when we each must make a decision. Whether or not we truly mean the things we say, whether we are willing to stand by our thoughts and words and take action. The philosophy of Oneness, of true brother and sisterhood when expressed in a real world context of separation and division requires those who espouse such to make a full commitment.To make a choice.

Being polite and seeming open and tolerant is easy. It is simple to have a friend of a different ethnicity. People are people and, one on one, the larger patterns of societal inclusion and exclusion matter little. Empathizing with the positions and situations of those considered Other is, therefore, little indication of a higher commitment to truth and justice. But your few black and brown friends do not make you sympathetic to the plight of those whom you know and do not who must face the strictures and binds of institutionalized racism on a daily basis.

New Age idealism sound good and when all is Love and Light, it feels good too. But life is not all Love and Light. It is Hate and Darkness too, and truly representing the Love that is the sum total of all Being is recognizing this truth and countering it with words and actions employed in the release of that negative tension and twisted, torsioned energetics and their transformation and reversal into something higher, directed toward the manifestation of the principles of Oneness and unity in diversity, which is the holism of existence in motion.

Living life ignoring the pain and suffering going on around you, enjoying the perceived benefits of a life without these deeper worries or concerns is living in an illusory bubble purposefully constructed and maintained for the express purpose of keeping people asleep. Certain people, populations whose mobilization would mean the end of decades and centuries of oppression.The children of privilege, centuries in the making, whose economic and situational power as inheritors of the Kingdom is meaningful in all ways relevant to generational struggle and the shifting of paradigmatic infrastructures that have finally reached the vanishing point of their own negation. Sitting on park benches playing flutes and mandolins while others are in the streets struggling and marching fighting and dying is something that is a part of your life as well, whether you realize it directly or not.

Their struggle in the streets is the reason why you can sit in the park. Their poverty is the reason why you can go to school and chill at the coffeehouse while your parents pay for your education. Certainly, there are two sides to each coin and life is difficult at every level. People experience mental and psychological issues, the citizens of the developed world are medicated at a level that is far beyond those of the underdeveloped world, those with economic means are drugged at a higher rate than those without those same means. Understand at the deepest level possible that this drugging process is meant, designed specifically to keep you asleep, passive, uncaring and unaware of the abominations around you, the improbability of your measured seclusion in a world of purposefully diminishing means, of economic instability, of political and social upheaval. The problems that are so consuming at the personal level for some are mere passing considerations for those seeking to keep food on the table for themselves and their children.

We are all part of a system of command and control whether we want to recognize it directly or not. Many of us apparently do not, because the degree of willful ignorance in these days when the fount of human wisdom is available on the phones of each and every single person who wants it is mind-boggling in its implications. We can access the philosophies of the Ages, the struggles of eternity, the many variegated pathways to personal psychological and spiritual development, but we watch silly videos, get caught up in stupid memes and engage in petty social network gossip instead. It seems so many would rather ignore the real world and co-exist with others who wish to do the same, living in vigorously defended bubbles of interaction and perception, oases of petty pleasures, palaces of purveyed and perceptively impuissant plans.

Immersed in minutia and the egocentric dalliances of the damned.

Life is happening now. This moment. Make yours mean something by educating yourself on things that matter. Things that are real. If you are truly Oneness oriented, then PROVE IT. Make a difference in your own life and the lives of others and recognize that you are doing this for no one except yourself. That you are bringing meaning to your life, meaning beyond the fulfillment of selfish desires. Prove that your thoughts, words and actions are meaningful within the context of collective thoughts and actions and that you are on the side of Destiny, of Justice, of Truth, and not just another willing and passive scion of a dying system in a world where change is the rule rather than the exception.

If you are what you seem to be though, and are truly cognizant of the level to which your initiative is subverted by your continual unwillingness to face the world around you, the world that some of your ancestors have fostered, the world that some of my ancestors have been forced to inhabit, then OWN THAT. BE THAT. And don’t walk up to me with a hug talking about love and light.

Because I see right through you.


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