Justice and Equality: Flashpoints of conscious connection

In the eternal human quest for Justice and Equality, some moments stand out. The meditating factor is always the commons. In the modern era, our commons are comprised primarily of our personal and social networks and the mainstream media (MSM). Through individual and group communication processes and technological platforms created to foster and extend natural methods the human family has a greater range of data available to them than ever before. More information is available faster. More people are connected. The commons serve as the medium. But the commons are controlled by corporations. Therefore, the messages are controlled.

At these junctures of oceanic change Flashpoints of Conscious Connection shift the discussion in the commons and certain themes overwhelm the mundane news cycle. Decades of deliberate Tavistock programming have resulted in the molding of public perception and taste. Media preoccupation with the surface and ephemeral, celebrity culture and psycho and sociopathic personality constructs approximate an illusory norm. Captive audiences perpetuate stereotypical memes and archetypal imagery rises in the collective consciousness giving simultaneous birth to cyclical themes. Repetitive themes commiserate with the depths of human experience celebrate terrific mundanity drawing genetic imperatives to the surface.


The historical/cultural environs dictate the formulation of struggles permeating the collective consciousness. In the West – and the world in toto – the fundamental struggle which defines capitalistic/technological progression is the artificial formulation of ethnicity/race within the context of a pyramidal control structure. Vast and impersonal institutional forces collaborate in the enforcement of control mechanisms representative of xenophobic imperatives designed to divide and conquer. The paradigm is structured accordingly, its hierarchical nature imbued with the force of predestiny as dramas play out by rote and societal antibodies rally to co-opt and redirect energy in concentrated flows to specific ends.

Social consciousness is comprised of interlocked and interacting collections of cultural specificity defined by neurological organization. Entities belong to sub-groups within sub-groups fractally splintered into competing factions each vying for position within the overall organizational structure. The defining categorization of each group encapsulates innumerable and overlapping dichotomies, i.e. black vs. white, rich vs. poor, old vs. young and every conceivable intervening variation. Contiguous groupings find common cause in opposition to others, political theater and social positioning determine the specified variables resulting in predictable and quantifiable outcomes.

Interlocked and interdependent institutional collectives corporate and governmental in nature positioned as intercessor direct energy and physicality into holding patterns constructed as resolution to equations decades in the working. Pre-patterned mental processes directed by MSM goading result in the manifestation of predicted ends. Outliers distant to normal distribution predicate oceanic trends indicative of the deeper stratum of sub-conscious attunement to cultural programming.  Associated events tabulated as being of high probability invariably comply with the original coding and the succedent solution is implemented in response.

Inequalities and desecrations of sacred genetic imperatives demand resolution at the global scale. Illusory differences advertised as fundamental take on the cast of inviolable truth and the programmed masses respond like lemmings rushing over looming cliffs of their own destruction. Meanwhile, the antibodies of institutional integrity lock and load, FEMA facilities ready and waiting in the hinterlands to fulfill purposes draconian and eugenic in nature.

Based purely on the physics of biological inevitability, hypothalamic and amygdalic neuro-peptidal forces fulfill the prerequisites of manifestation, each individuated unit locked into place by genetic programming instilled across centuries and through generations as continuous exposure to high and low level stressors shape present and future generations remorselessly and without regard. The pure, atavistic reckoning implicit in the reconciliation of these paradoxical forces is daunting in its sheer inevitability. The scale of societal and collective reconciliation demand remediation at both individual and collective levels.

Quantum entanglement communicates fundamental solidarity and unity despite apparent separation and disunity. Inclusion within the collective necessitates collusion active and passive. All perceptive potentialities must manifest ranging between oppositional poles of possibility. Individual perception fundamentally shifts experiential reality, each integer interactively formulating the base hologram of holistic co-creation.

The moments that stand out, therefore, represent variables in an equation of pain and pleasure manifest, of destiny and free will expressed, of justice and injustice reconciled. Fleeting moments of equilibrium herald future paradoxes, higher iterations of a cyclical continuance. Devolutionary and evolutionary processes writ large, cosmic implications reduced to the death of a young boy or girl, the despair of a family, the anger of a sub-group. Reductive properties notwithstanding, seemingly mundane events trigger prodigious forces representing the futility of consciously-willed agency approximating cosmic predestiny through fatally flawed preconceptions of primacy.

The containment of flash points which are merely brightly flaming tips extruding defiantly upwards are thrust into prominence as unrecognized emittances of a vast and unstoppable magma chamber of discontent that defines the substrate of human consciousness is impossible.  The riotous and clamorous halls and glades of the Commons declaim and postulate, decry and threaten themselves merely further indicators of institutional inadequacy in the face of fundamental and inevitable change.

Justice in the realm of the material is merely a subjective chit on an infinitely sliding scale of cause and effect, action and reaction, loss and gain. And yet, as real as the gaze of the Beloved, engaged tenderly in the observation of the infinite ad eternal expressed in the eyes of the heart. Countless aeons collaborate in the manifestation of the moment. Voices raised in solidarity elicit echoes of the void, zero-point suffusion a necessary condition of exploration, a dream within a dream, within the dream that is the mind of God.


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