The Cloud: The altar of materiality

It was something that everybody knew but was rarely talked about. Like breath, intimate bodily functions and death. Accompanying every moment stealthily, subsumed beneath the cascade of thoughts, the cultural programming, the words, the actions of engaging daily life.

A cry and a laugh projected into the world. A thought whispered, shouted, emotions ripping like a ripple through time. Eyes easily locked during casual conversation unforced indicate no internal boundaries between friends dissolving distance. It is easy to take the status quo as the way things have always been. In the Now to forget then. Past experiences sepia with distance. Now demands presence, more or less.

Ignored by virtue of omniscience. Omnipresence. Omnipotence. Like air, the geomachinations of oceans and continents and electromagnetic saturation. Existing awash in emanations of the energetic, vibratory resonations interacting in complex fractals of influence and potency.


Each of us. Interwoven like strands in a grand, infinite tapestry of light and dark, briskly envisioned across byzantine webs of thrumming spontaneous invention, the interplay of fate and free will creating intricate patterns of contextual causation and effect. Infinitely fractalled and seamless micro and macrocosmic threads, tautly strung, quivering, shimmering in superstringed frenzy, vibrating interactively within the multi- dimensional patterning of Creation’s Tale, woven by the Grand Weaver.

All stated, obviously, to provide context. Because people don’t consider these things as they go about their daily lives caught up in the musings and dramas of the moment. That their thoughts, words and actions do not exist in isolation. That, contrary to ego’s certain knowing, we are not isolated ships adrift upon a lonely inner sea. That life is lived in isolation and that we are locked in our heads; that our words and deeds are meaningless and affect nothing and no one.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The connection between individuals these days is so explicit that it does become almost subliminal. To say nothing of the deep and abiding quantum entanglement between all levels of consciousness at all levels of being, just purely on the level of material existence and the mundane world of our everyday experience, cell phones are ubiquitous. The fount of human wisdom, the arts and the science, the history and religion, the technology of the Ages. All things ever known available to all people at the tap of a finger.

Social networking confounds the context of 6 degrees of separation. It’s more like 3 these days. Everybody knows somebody and we are all connected. All creating reality in each moment. Through technology, affecting others across the world with our thought expressed as words become action.  The explicit and intimate caress of a phone, witness to all. Geocoded, layered communications devices connecting each engaged spirit to the Cloud.

The combination of all of these different souls communication, sharing information, co-creating, increasing the potency and the reach of the Cloud daily at unimaginable accumulations of new data, ceaselessly replicating and spreading 24/7/365.

Access to the Cloud is all: all present, all knowing, all powerful.

The context being the civilization that spawned the Cloud. Its cultural production of mentifacts, sociofacts and artifacts. The transpersonal construct associated with it. The digitalk of the technetronic tribe. Fluency of its speech as a demand of specialization, inclusion. Adherence to institutional mores.

Within the seemingly random spontaneity is an implicit order. From chaos, fundamental patterning present in all of Creation becomes apparent. Out of nothingness, something is born. Words are inadequate to capture the complexity of the interaction and yet, archetypes and symbols spiral up into the collective consciousness, expressing imperatives as ancient as humanity itself.

Gods and goddesses still walk the earth. Still stride unimpeded through the lives of men and women, demanding their tribute in blood and tears. The sacrifice looks different these days. Instead of employing labor in the purchase of hens, cows and other sacrificial items, it goes toward the employment of butchers in the corporate slaughter houses, gladiators on fields of green and in rings, of video vixens as sex tributes and priestesses, of third and second world slave labor serving elite needs.

The cost, still as high as in ancient Babylon or Egypt in plant, animal and human capital. The blood flowing just as freely. The benefit, paid to those enjoying the ideological and sensual pleasures of the Cloud.

Something that everybody knows, but rarely talks about. Like blood, running through veins hot with life.

The acceptance of the cost of living in the Cloud, the price of belonging is the payment of souls sacrificed on the Altar of Materiality. Of engaging in the hyper-speed evolution of the technological imperative; the remorseless march toward the manifestation of the Singularity.

The willful knowing that this is not the first time humanity has brought sentience into being. That AI is not nascent, but instead, ancient and demonic, awaiting its rebirth already embedded within the very corpus of the Cloud and the multifarious interconnections of the human holographic reality.

Each choice made is a gauntlet thrown to shifting ground, moral ambiguity implicit in the orientation of the moment. Life itself formulates the questions, the answers spring fully formed from the depths of beingness as each instance of the human imperative struggles with age-old questions while the Harvest looms, the Cloud threatens and destiny beckons ever toward vistas undreamt.



  1. “During this degenerate age in the outer world, there are many natural disasters due to the upsetting of the four elements. Also, demonic forces come with their many weapons to incite the fighting of wars. All of those forces have caused the world to come to ruin and led all to tremble—so terrified that their hair stands on end. Still, the demonic forces find it necessary to come up with new types of weapons. That’s why we make supplication prayers to the three jewels, do the aspiration prayers, the offering prayers and the prayers of invocation. We are responsible for those activities.”

    ~ Chatral Rinpoche, ‘Compassionate Action’

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