A Father’s Love: Dealing with the pain of separation


What is a father’s love?

From my personal perspective, fatherhood is intense. It is all-consuming, pervasive, wrenching and total. It is a visceral, genetic connection that has no equal in life. Its expression can vary, dependent upon circumstance, but it is fundamental and consumptive of the entirety of my being.

Men change their lives after they become fathers. Their thought processes transform. For some men, everything they do after childbirth becomes about that child, those children. The thoughts they think, the words they say, the actions they take, the paths they follow. All of it shifts perceptibly as their desires and goals widen to become the cares and concerns of a family unit, rather than an individual or a couple. This transformation is exhilarating and freeing as one is released from the egocentric concerns of the self and expands conceptually to encompass the needs of others for whom…

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    1. Hi Vennie, can you friend me on FB if we are not already friends? That is true, which is the reason why I wrote this article. Thank you for presence. Bless.

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