The Promise of Creation

Joy is ephemeral.

It does not last.

Pain and suffering are the lot of oceanic humanity and we live in the midst of it, hearts broken, seas of tears nourishing the earth mother and her progeny. The Vale of Tears is awash with the sonics of sadness, the cries of broken and failed minds seeking solace in the midst of the storm.

When things have been so bad for so long and you’ve done your best to stay positive, to live according to your truth, no matter what anyone else says or believes about you, it is hard to see good things coming your way. But when the slightest glimmer of hope appears on the horizon and the light enters eyes sparkling with sadness, something happens.

The light galvanizes spirit, the body collects it, gathers the solar information, suffuses the physiological with soul, energizing life and perspective, awakening the heart of hope that you recall from days long gone.

Accepting light into darkness banishes pain and suffering, even if only for a little while. Knowing that things don’t stay bad forever is enough to awaken hope, which is the gateway to peace and joy. As events gather force and, little by little, situations in your life shift from one extreme to the other, that hope grows. That light brightens.

And that joy that is the Promise of Creation begin to resonate within, the body achieving a higher state in collusion with the mind, spirit and soul. Until a point arrives at which you look around and realize that you’ve reached another plateau on the journey and, perhaps, if the Fates are smiling, it might last just a little while.

Enjoy every moment of happiness. We live our lives for them and these interludes are what make life worth living at all. Blessings and love along the Journey.



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