Money Woes and the Trials of Job


Being broke seems to be endemic. Money woes, bills pilling up, creditors calling for blood and first born children. Money flowing in is gone before it is received and there seems to be no end in sight.

How can we focus on higher spiritual ideals when the daily grind calls for all our attention?

We can’t, as long as the two are separated.

By two, I mean, material concerns and spiritual concerns. Simply put, Divinity is not separate from the world. How we deal with our worldly concerns is directly related to how we deal with our spiritual concerns. If we diligently apply ourselves to becoming more accountable and responsible in our daily lives, carefully attending to the details of a normative life, then this concentration will similarly affect our pursuit of the higher goals. And vice versa, if balance is sought.

Money is energy. It greases the wheels of…

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