Money Woes and the Trials of Job

Being broke seems to be endemic. Money woes, bills pilling up, creditors calling for blood and first born children. Money flowing in is gone before it is received and there seems to be no end in sight.

How can we focus on higher spiritual ideals when the daily grind calls for all our attention?

We can’t, as long as the two are separated.

By two, I mean, material concerns and spiritual concerns. Simply put, Divinity is not separate from the world. How we deal with our worldly concerns is directly related to how we deal with our spiritual concerns. If we diligently apply ourselves to becoming more accountable and responsible in our daily lives, carefully attending to the details of a normative life, then this concentration will similarly affect our pursuit of the higher goals. And vice versa, if balance is sought.

Money is energy. It greases the wheels of the mechanism of life, providing impetus to support our lifestyles. Money flows where energy goes. And our work, produces that energy. Labors of love produce value that result in success in life. If you do not care for what you do then your efforts are in vain and doomed to failure.

How hard are you working toward your goals? Or are you a debt slave, working toward someone else’s goals? Do you love what you do? If so, could you – in any conceivable way – get paid for it?

Whatever you are thinking about right this moment – that art, that writing, that building, that repairing, that knitting, that video game, that party you put together, the food you make – whatever it may be, if your passion is there then your joy is there as well. If you can get paid by doing what you love to do, then your success is guaranteed.

Money woes – being broke – are a transitory state, as money comes and goes. The idea of wealth itself is subjective and not necessarily even related to money. Health, family, friends are a form of wealth that are worth more than gold. Ask Job, of bible fame, who lost all – money, family, friends – but never disbelieved in the oneness of spirituality, thereafter receiving what he had lost and more as a result of his faith. For Job, there was no separation between his life and his relationship to his god. He saw all he experienced as expressive of his own failures, although the test of his faith through physical illness also challenged his understanding of the Greater Plan for his life. His humility in the face of total ruin is an exemplar of true faith, which is certain knowledge of the efficacy and necessity of each and every lesson we go through that we perceive as negative in nature. The appearance of God in the storm was all that was necessary for his faith to be restored, despite his continuing ignorance in the face of the Adversary’s enmity. It is funny, how, in life, so many things that appear bad, turn out good at some point.

As life shifts, perspectives shift. Life shifts as the mind and spirit undergo transformation. What occurs within, affects that which occurs without.

The trials of Job occurred because he was the best, not the worst. A faithful servant to his god. His faith and devotion were cast upon the flames of tribulation, resulting in the loss of his wealth, his health and his family. And yet, throughout his torment, Job’s confusion, misery and even anger reveal his pain and desperation and also his utter reliance upon his god as the ultimate salvation from his problems. Throughout his trials, his knowledge of the interwoven strands of body and soul remained intact. For him, there was no separation and, in the end, this knowing was his saving grace.

Hard times can be instructional if the lesson is internalized. As we undergo one or more of the trials of Job, realizing that, in the end, even though the workings of creation can be inscrutable and beyond our ability to understand, there is a reason for every iota of pain, suffering and heartache we experience. That the experience, no matter its intensity, is designed to lift us up, to make us stronger, and to bring us closer to the God that holds us in his arms, that loves, that is Love itself.

Building upon strong foundations can only lead to a solid structure. Living, then, within this structure – this house of many mansions – can be the realization of one’s highest dreams and aspirations, if the dream, the joy and the energy coincide.



  1. Great point — there is no separation in consciousness, it is only the dualistic mind that divides material and spiritual, as if they were two separate dimensions. They are not.


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