Inspirational Reinforcement and Social Networking

People like to complain about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many social networking sites. It is a common belief that they are a waste of time, filled with images of cats doing crazy things and other meaningless and trivial pursuits. But such spaces can also be utilized to cultivate a higher perspective in life. I tend to share inspirational memes on social networking sites because it is positive reinforcement.

We all need it. No matter the spiritual tradition, some basic Truths are constant and so I attempt to find eternal wisdom in all traditions and share them, hoping that, despite our own beliefs, this might allow us to see that all higher thought and belief is sewn of one overriding, humanistic and spiritualistic tapestry.

Life conspires to bring us down, to overwhelm us with minutia. Things that are ephemeral and passing take on brobdingnagian proportions while the truly important things lay fallow, unremarked upon and unconsidered.

I need the reinforcement and perhaps some of y’all do too. A negative outlook on life is too easy to reinforce as our life situations swing back and forth, up and down, and our mental and spiritual states of being do the same. Only the cultivation of peace within a life clarifies destiny. If we do not know, at the very core of us, who we are and what we are about, then we become whatever situations and people decide we are and are relegated to irrelevancy as we can never then rise to the heights we were each born to achieve.

There is so much going on in the world and in each of our lives. It is too easy to be overwhelmed and to listen to the constant stream of chatter the flows through our minds, masking themselves as ourselves. These simple memes, in the form of images and words, are affirmations that seep into our subconscious the more we see them, that inform our knowledge base and that affect our lives in subtle but meaningful ways.

With the news concentrating on negativity, the economic and social concerns that confront us from day to day and the thoughts that undermine us constantly telling us lies about who we are, the few seconds it takes to read, to view, to listen to wisdom knowledge can be important and help to temper the limited and person-centric perspectives that threaten to obscure deeper realities with something higher, greater.

I wish you all a Happy Halloween (Oct 31), All Saints Day (Nov 1) and All Souls Day (Nov 2), the time of remembrance of all those who came before us, the Honored Ancestors who remain with us in spirit and also as part of our individuated and collective genetic bequeathment. The veil between the worlds is thinnest tonight, so treat this time as one of introspection and gratitude. Bless!



  1. That was a very good post. Often we forget that social media is there make connections with people who are far away and close by even. Last night was intensely busy for me managing the Arby;s I work for and I got a bit tense for a little bit. Then I asked my grandmothers who have both passed in the last 5 years to give me guidance. I swear I could feel their energy around me. Very comforting.

    1. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Life is so short and sometimes we forget that those who’ve passed on are still accessible to us. Thank you for the reminder.

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