The Divine Song of Sympatico Souls

Accepting people as they are is hard when we have expectations as to how we want them to be. Family members, significant others, friends and acquaintances are individuals and have their own paths just like we do. Life paths differ and our lessons diverge, we learn things differently and at different times. Over time, all that we have ever known, all we have ever been, culminates in the moment, who we are right now, to ourselves and also to those in our lives.

This reality necessitates the acceptance of others in our lives for what they give to us now and what we give to them, even if it does not meet what we consider to be our own personal needs. If that acceptance is not forthcoming, if we cannot reconcile another’s presence in our lives given their contribution to the relationship, then the decision to sever the relationship ought be considered seriously. No matter the outcome, the perceived loss that may be experienced during this separation, the realization that our own shortcomings and perceptions may be contributing to and therefore stilting the other person’s development is a consideration that should be taken very seriously.

It is ok to let people go if we are at a place where their presence in our lives is causing more problems than solutions. We can release them into their lives, release them from our lives with the fervent prayer that we both take what was most precious and meaningful from the relationship forward and each grow from the experience. This potential growth is always the reason for every experience, as we bring into our lives situations specifically designed to reveal our states of mind and being. As our thoughts create our reality, so too do our words and actions form the experiences, including these relationships with others that form the core of our journey through life. Souls enter and exit, rise and fall in our estimations and the degree of relational correspondence we feel for them spans the gamut between love and hate, which are both expressions of that selfsame connection.

This does not mean that we love them any less. Just that, at the present time, our current states of mind and being are not conducive to a shared journey. And it also may be that the reason and season for the relationship has ended and it was not meant to last a lifetime. This is, of course, as it should be and although the necessity of separation can rend pain and tears from us in recognition of the cording between individuated souls, these expressions of our suffering are acknowledgements of the degree of connection that we share and a remonstration from the Infinite that we have become attached to the illusory and must experience the necessary correction to our errors in perception.

True love is unconditional, accepting and giving. God is love. Giving someone the freedom to be who they are and live their lives free of our judgement can be a gift, given with an open heart and the understanding that, perhaps, we were unable to be who they required us to be at this specific time, as they were not able to be who we needed them to be as well. Accepting in our hearts that this is ok is accepting who we are in this moment, which is the entire purpose of personal spiritual evolution. Every growing, every aware of our movement through time and space with the understanding that learning is eternal and we are but spirits, shards of one greater soul – thoughts in the mind of God – travelling through the cosmos as one perfectly instrument despite our limited perspective, eternally connected, infinitely resonating to the song of one divine song.

Art by Devalyn Marshall

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